Thumpermonkey releases stunning new video for “Tempe Terra”

Thumpermonkey video pic
London alt-rock quartet Thumpermonkey have unveiled their latest video “Tempe Terra”, taken from their phenomenal new album “Make Me Young, etc.”, which was released via Rockosmos on October 26th, 2018.

Watch “Tempe Terra” below.

“Make Me Young, etc.” is a concept record that counts down to the end of the world, and “Tempe Terra” is its grand finale.

Guitarist & vocalist Michael Woodman comments: “"Tempe Terra" started life as an experiment with a new guitar tuning that I had been using - it was very saccharine and major-key in its first incarnation. I submitted my guitar part to the band, and in true Thumpermonkey fashion, it was delivered back to me sounding really wonky and ambiguous - which was totally the correct thing to do, of course. Lyrically, Tempe Terra is a mournful, post-human coda for the album. If any humans do escape earth and colonise Mars to start afresh, there's always the fear that they'll bring all their awful conceptual baggage with them and make a mess of Earth Mk2 as well”.

“Make Me Young, etc.” marks a clear evolution for Thumpermonkey. Guitarist and pianist Rael Jones’s day job as a screen composer infiltrates and inflates the music into an epic cinemascope fever-dream – a backdrop to Woodman’s unique stream of consciousness vocal style, perfectly suspended in a score to a film that doesn’t exist.

“Make Me Young, etc.” poses the question; if you knew tomorrow was the end of the world, would you be able to let go of all your regrets, and live differently for just one day?

Thumpermonkey have been slowly but surely building their reputation as a captivating live band, and 2018 has seen them perform at 8 Years of Chaos Festival, EppyFest and select shows including a support with Polymath.

Puchase “Make Me Young, etc.” here.

Michael Woodman – Vocals, Guitar
Rael Jones - Guitar, BVs, Keyboards, Orchestration
Sam Warren – Bass
Ben Wren - Drums