Thonian Horde to release new studio album “Downfall” on May 24th 2019

Thonian Horde Downfall cover
Grimoire Records confirms the May release of “Downfall”, the third album from Maryland-based Thonian Horde, founded by members of Admiral Browning, Pale Divine, Faith In Jane, Weed Is Weed, and Bailjack. The “Downfall” cover art, track listing, and preorders have been issued.
Thonian Horde formed in 2016 in the backwoods of Boonesboro, Maryland by bassist/vocalist Ron “Fezz” McGinnis (Pale Divine, Admiral Browning), guitarists Darren “Dirty” Waters (Weed Is Weed) and Dan “D-Mize” Mize (Faith In Jane), and drummer Tyler “The Beast” Lee (Weed Is Weed). As a self-described “black & roll” outfit, the band seamlessly blends stoner rock grooves with scathing vocals ripped straight from the frostbitten black metal tundra, but what sets them apart from their peers is the highly acrobatic death metal drum work perforating the mix. Since recording their second album, “Inconnu”, with Grimoire Records in 2017, the band has spent little idle time in the intervening years.
“Downfall” is Thonian Horde’s third album release since 2016, and second proper full-length release with Grimoire Records. Featuring ten new tracks of thrashy, blackened, metallic rock, fans of Immortal, Satyricon, and Dissection, as well as the stoner/doom throngs who frequent the members’ other projects, will all find something to sink their teeth into. Like “Inconnu”, the tracking for “Downfall” was done mostly live in the Grimoire Studio with label head Noel Mueller, with minimal overdubbing. The cover art was again provided by Gilbert Miranda for “Lingua Mortis” artwork, and the CD layout was finished by Mueller.
“Downfall” will be released via limited edition CD and digital download on May 24th, 2019, through Grimoire Records. Preorders are now live here. Audio samples, live performances, and more will be posted over the weeks ahead.
1. The Narcissist
2. Cathedral Spire
3. Cold Blooded Hypocrisy
4. Gremalkin
5. Hymn to Lilith
6. Chaos Theory Magick
7. Bring the Pain
8. Brickstorm
9. Pan 131
10. Downfall
Ron “Fezz” McGinnis - Bass, vocals
Darren “Dirty” Waters - Guitars
Dan “D-Mize” Mize - Lead guitar
Tyler “The Beast” Lee - Drums