The Room to release new studio album “Caught by the Machine” on February 22nd 2019

The Room Caught by the Machine cover
Melodic-yet-progressive rock act The Room (who hail from the Southeast of the United Kingdom) have divulged further details of their third studio album “Caught by the Machine”. Along with unveiling the tracklist, artwork and pre-order links, The Room have released a brand new single, “The Golden Ones”.
Blowing their stylistic gates wide open, the sextet pull no punches with this expansive soundscape of captivating melodic prog, lyrically fueled by a thought-provoking observation of mankind’s inability to learn from it’s mistakes. Adopting something of a nihilistic viewpoint, the band muses on how each generation of humanity makes attempts to improve society in various ways, yet ultimately falls prey to similar patterns of failure. In spite of this, the cycle continues, with each generation repeating the same mistakes whilst lauding themselves as... “The Golden Ones”!

Listen to “The Golden Ones” below.

“"The Golden Ones" is a song about our world; The world that our generation knows now, the world of our forefathers and the world that future generations will be accountable for”, state the band, offering a deeper insight into their latest single. “Think back to the mistakes of our forefathers, even right back to the massive pollution caused by the industrial revolution, or coal fired power stations, the diesel engine and so on. It is always the following generations that become accountable for clearing up the mess and of course creating a mess for their successors”.

“If you think about the climate change question, recognised as reality by most people, it is our generation that is fighting to curb greenhouse gasses. We will be seen as The Golden Ones for successes we get. Then consider the disaster that is plastic. The next generation, my kids and then even their kids will be The Golden Ones for successes in those areas. Generation after generation clean up the mistakes of their forefathers. As the lyric says "we are the saviours of the day" but "It will never be the same"... what damage will they be creating for future generations to clean up?”...

The Room explain that both the title and song content of “Caught by the Machine” directly relates to the feeling one experiences when the state, a job, a relationship or even a drug begins to control their every living moment. It is a reflection on many aspects of the modern world, for better or worse.
“Caught by the Machine” can be pre-ordered on the official White Star Records website here and will also be available from all good retailers. The album will be released to the general public on February 22nd, 2019.

1. Bodies on the Road
2. Run
3. Broken
4. The Golden Ones
5. Just Walk Away
6. Drowning in Sound
7. Clover
8. Vanished
9. It’s Not My Home
10. Bloodstream

The Room will be taking over Jagz music venue in Ascot for their album launch party on Friday 22nd February, celebrating the release of “Caught by the Machine” with support from labelmates The Paradox Twin! Tickets for the event are available to purchase now here.

Formed in 2010 by Andy Rowe along with Martin Wilson and Steve Anderson from neo-prog rock band Grey Lady Down, The Room never fail to deliver an outstanding performance - both in the studio and in a live environment. Nothing could stop the success of their 2012 debut album “Open Fire” and 2015 follow-up “Beyond the Gates”. These two studio releases saw the Southeastern sextet embark on a series of highly successful performances with the likes of Inglorious, Lifesigns and Soft Machine.

The band received a nomination for Best New Band at the 2016 Classic Rock Society awards, as well as partaking in a busy festival season, some headline shows, and even the release of a live performance at Wolverhampton’s The Robin 2 on DVD in 2017.

Recent history has seen the band tucked away in the studio, writing and recording their upcoming third studio album “Caught by the Machine”, which saw the band sign to White Star Records in 2018.

Steve Anderson: Guitar, Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Eric Bouillette: Guitar  and Violin
Mark Dixon: Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Andy Rowe: Bass Guitar and Backing  Vocals
Martin  Wilson: Lead Vocals
Chris York: Drums and Backing Vocals