Sutrah to release new EP “Aletheia” on March 13th 2020

Sutrah Aletheia EP cover
Recent The Artisan Era signees Sutrah are proud to announce the forthcoming release of their new 4-song EP, “Aletheia”.

“Aletheia” is set for release on Friday, March 13th, 2020, via The Artisan Era. It is the follow up to the group’s heavily praised 2017 debut album, “Dunes”. 

“Dunes” was aptly described by Kerrang as a work whose “brilliant technical death metal and yearning spiritual melodies make it a powerful listen from start to finish. Fans who love Gorguts and Obscura but have always wanted a little more heart from the get-go need to get into these guys”. With further praise coming from many other outlets, including Metal Injection, who described it as “jam-packed with complex ideas and endless creativity”.

The group’s talented members are a part of well-known high-profile groups such as Benighted, Chthe’ilist, Basalte, and Serocs among others. With forward momentum always as the goal, “Aletheia”’s upcoming release is yet another strong statement from Sutrah that spells out what the future of death metal has to offer.

Across four dense songs clocking in at just under the thirty-minute mark and the lengthy closing cut, “Genèse” surpassing the fifteen-minute mark, “Aletheia” makes quite clear this is not a stop-gap effort in-between better things to come. “Aletheia” is a cerebral and confident next step forward for Sutrah with much to take in inside of every song. “Aletheia” will strongly appeal to fans of Lykathea Aflame, Gorguts, and Nile.

You can check out an early teaser video for “Aletheia” below.

Sutrah comments on the release of “Aletheia”:
“Sutrah is pumped to be working with The Artisan Era on the second wave of "Dunes" and expanding on it with the unveiling of our new work, "Aletheia". If the former symbolized the birthing of Sutrah’s tentative cries amidst the vast oceans of recorded music, our new recordings can be viewed as the band’s first gasps of air - uncertain of, but bound to what lies beyond the waves. This is true of our art, but also of our history and vision. With new horizons come new friends and new opportunities, and we believe The Artisan Era is the ideal vehicle for unleashing our variety of metal unto as many unsuspecting fans of music as possible. We could not thank them enough for believing in us”.
1. Variation I.i - Umwelt
2. Variation I.ii - Lethe
3. Variation II.i - Dwell
4. Variation II.ii - Genèse

Stay tuned for the first single from “Aletheia” to air in early January, alongside the first vinyl version of “Dunes” available for order, and pre-order bundles and options for “Aletheia” at the same time.

Claude Leduc - Guitars, Gangsa, background vocals (Chthe'ilist)
Alex Bao - Bass, background chants (ex-RGRSS live)
Laurent Bellemare - Lead Vocals, Chants (Basalte, Serocs, Conflux.)
Kévin Paradis - Drums (Benighted, Mithridatic, ex-Svart Crown, ex-Virulent Depravity)