Sutrah signs with The Artisan Era

Sutrah logo
The Artisan Era is proud to announce the signing of Montréal-based Progressive Death Metallers Sutrah. Active since 2011, Sutrah released “Effervescence ”in 2015, a two-song demo that made clear from their inception how serious the project is aimed at achieving something special.

The band quickly followed that up with their extremely well-received album “Dunes” in 2017. A self-released effort, “Dunes” garnered worldwide praise and put the band on the map as a notable progressive/technical death metal project you will want to follow moving forward.

The group’s talented members are a part of well-known high-profile groups such as Benighted, Chthe‘ilist, Basalte, and Serocs among others. Uniting together as Sutrah to create an explosive and forward-thinking take on death metal on a level few can reach. Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of their 2020 release, the first vinyl pressing of “Dunes”, via The Artisan Era, and more. 

Sutrah comments on signing with The Artisan Era:
“Sutrah is pumped to be working with The Artisan Era on the second wave of "Dunes" and expanding on it with the unveiling of our new work. If the former symbolized the birthing of Sutrah’s tentative cries amidst the vast oceans of recorded music, our new recordings can be viewed as the band’s first gasps of air -- uncertain of, but bound to what lies beyond the waves”.
Claude Leduc - Guitars, Gangsa, background vocals (Chthe'ilist)
Alex Bao - Bass, background chants (ex-RGRSS live)
Laurent Bellemare - Lead Vocals, Chants (Basalte, Serocs, Conflux.)
Kévin Paradis - Drums (Benighted, Mithridatic, ex-Svart Crown, ex-Virulent Depravity)