Surachai to release new studio album “Come, Deathless” on January 25th 2019

Surachai Come, Deathless cover
Surachai, the musician/producer who has been hailed for his adeptness at merging the worlds of tweaky electronics, aggressive metal and avant-garde noise, returns with his seventh full-length album, “Come, Deathless”, on January 25th, 2019, via BL_K Noise.

“I spent a terrible year recording sounds around the world and finding places for them to fit into this semi diary of an album”, explained Surachai about the 12-track release.

The album also features three guests: ISIS/Palms’ drummer Aaron Harris, The Locust/One Day As A Lion keyboard player Joey Karam and newcomer, singer Sara Kendall.

Listen to the new track “An Unfamiliar Reflection Activates A Gate”, which features Harris’ contribution, below.

1. The Shedding of Useful Skin
2. Empress of the starved Lung (feat. K. Joseph Karam)
3. Leaning Into Pain
4. Casts of Broken Timelines
5. Deciphering Whispers From Wind
6. An Unfamiliar Reflection Activates A Gate (feat. Aaron Harris)
7. Articulation of a Dead Tongue
8. An Abandoned Throne in the Hall of Extinction
9. Splinters and Thvrst
10. A Sign From Decay
11. Cadence of Sleeplessness
12. Time Splits Every End (feat. Sara Kendall)

“Come, Deathless” pre-orders, which include limited edition test pressings, various vinyl editions, cassettes and digital options, are available now here.

Surachai’s most recent release, the 2016 album “Instinct and Memory”, has been praised across a wide spectrum of outlets, with XLR8R saying his music is “conjured from a deep knowledge and relationship with machines, machines that in this case sound like they are let off the leash to run wild across a desolate, apocalyptic sonic landscape. Post-Punk said Surachai’s releases are “always dangerous, never predictable”, while No Clean Singing described his technique of layering samples with guitar and various electronics “creating an almost symphonic atmosphere”.