Strike Master releases music video for “There’s Never Enough Knives”

Strike Master There’s Never Enough Knives
Thrash Metal Masters of Mexico, Strike Master have released their third video from their brand new EP “Death Based Illusions”.

“There’s Never Enough Knives” pays tribute to all cold steel, sinful, sultry, sharpened edges and is written from KMU’s love of all things sharp and bloody!

Watch the new video for “There’s Never Enough Knives” below.

“Death Based Illusions” is out now and it can be purchased through the bands online webstore as well through Concreto Records, and digitally on all major streaming and download services.

The band has also released two singles with video already, “Strong as Hell” and “A Corpseless Soul” with plans to release the other two songs with videos prior to its release.