Stickup Kid to release new studio album “Soul Drive” on May 3rd 2019

Stickup Kid Soul Drive cover
San Jose rock band Stickup Kid is back with a new album, “Soul Drive”, which will be released on May 3rd, 2019.

Formed in 2009, the band was previously signed to Billie Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records. “Soul Drive” is their first new full-length since 2013’s “Future Fire”.

Stickup Kid has shared the stage with acts such as Green Day, The Story So Far, Real Friends, Modern Baseball, Living With Lions, In Her Own Words, A Loss For Words, Handguns, Seaway, Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, and Citizen and has appeared at The FEST.

Stream the title track below.

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1. You Were All Mine
2. Soul Drive
3. Draining
4. The Acrobat
5. Moonlight
6. House’s Head, Wilson’s Heart
7. Alone in Japan
8. The Waiting Room
9. Real Time
10. Heaven

Regarding the new album Tony Geravesh (vocalist) says: “"Soul Drive is that "bridge" record for our band. After some success as teenagers, moving into adulthood and finishing college wasn’t a cake walk by any means. At some point, doing more than one thing in life is just impossible. We all had to place music aside to hash life out - we were all going through individual growing pains, and as friends and band mates, we struggled to see eye to eye. Eventually we broke through to the other side. We came back together from what felt like opposite ends of the world. Our communication improved, our goals aligned, none of us listened to the same kind of music anymore but it was a special feeling jamming again - like we opened a chest full of new sounds and potential. "Soul Drive" was that chest, the realization of "wow, we can be so much more than just another generic pop punk band". There was this hunger in everyone’s heart to be the best and the humble attitude to reach that goal.

I just think there comes a time to choose what you want to be - do you want to be a true musician and lifelong student of music, or do you want to be a band that builds a career off of writing the same songs over and over with the same bar chords? We chose, individually and as a band, the former. There was no other option for us.

"Soul Drive" is the furthest thing from perfect. The furthest. But it is that chest of potential unlocked, it is that "take your own reins" adult realization, it is that bridge between who we were and who we know we will be if we continue to humble ourselves and push push push push to be the fucking best. It’s been an unwritten rule in this band that if anyone doesn’t want to be the best, they can get the fuck out of the band. As you can see though, there’s a reason we’ve had the same members for 10+ years. My boys rise to the challenge and will always continue to do so. Enjoy "Soul Drive". We are very excited for the future and you should be too”.

Comments the band:
“We’re five friends who grew individually, together, apart, and together again - through the good years and the bad years. After a while, it was pretty clear that we’re simply brothers. The music is just what happens when we hang out. We are, and always will be, Tony, Bo, Jonathan, Cameron, and Curtis. We are Stickup Kid, a rock band from San Jose, California that began in 2009”.

The band will be touring in support of “Soul Drive” this spring.

Upcoming Shows 2019:
“Soul Drive” Western US Release Tour May 24 - June 3, 2019