Spotlights release new single “The Particle Noise”

​Spotlights band pic
Spotlights have premiered their new single “The Particle Noise”, which is taken from their incoming album, “Love & Decay” (April 26, Ipecac Recordings).

Guitar player/singer Mario Quintero talks about the meaning behind the track: “"The Particle Noise" is a multi dimensional song. Mainly being a love story about the beginning of the universe. A moment so intense that it encapsulates what it means to exist. This all being a metaphor for this persons infatuation with another, so strong it tears them to pieces and reforms them over and over”.

Listen to “The Particle Noise” below.

Spotlights’ music is iron tone in a velvet glove. They strike with full force, perfectly balancing the weight and sound spectrum of each instrument. And yet it’s a weight that’s also sublime in it’s beauty, with dream-like vocals encased in the mix of subharmonics. A rich and unctuous vibration that melts in your ears, nourishes your brain, and engulfs you with their warmth, like the gravity of a small planet.

About the record Mario continues: “It’s intangible, It’s intense. It’s beautiful. There’s an impending darkness underneath everything and a sense of unease, but it’s also honest and vulnerable. It’s just really important to us. Regardless of why anyone might react, that’s why we do it”.

Mario handled the production work on the eight-track offering, which was recorded in he and bass player/singer Sarah Quintero’s basement. The new album also finds the band officially grow to a trio, with touring drummer Chris Enriquez becoming a full-time member.

The physical version of “Love & Decay” also features a ninth song, “Sleepwalker”. Album pre-orders, including a mauve-colored 2LP set, are available now with digital pre-orders including an instant download of “The Age of Decay”.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Continue the Capsize
2. The Particle Noise
3. Far from Falling
4. Until the Bleeding Stops
5. Xerox
6. The Age of Decay
7. Mountains are Forever
8. The Beauty of Forgetting
9. Sleepwalker (Bonus track - CD & Vinyl)
Spotlights’ story happens void of spectacle, show, or tableau. However, in this day and age, that might be why their story feels so serendipitous and strange, if not utterly surprising. This story also instantly appealed to some rather influential peers who lent an early endorsement. Two musicians - husband-and-wife duo Mario (guitar, synths, vocals) and Sarah Quintero (bass, guitar, vocals) - simply pick up their instruments and mainline dense distortion, spacey soundscapes, and unnervingly serene vocal transmissions directly from the heart. This unpredictable, yet unassuming sound quietly heralded their arrival in 2016 on the D.I.Y. debut LP, “Tidals”. Brooklyn Vegan stumbled upon the project and streamed “Walls”. The song eventually entranced musician and producer Aaron Harris (ISIS/Palms) who shared it with his Palms singer and Deftones frontman Chino Moreno. An invite to open the Deftones summer tour followed as the band would go on to share the stage with everyone from Melvins, Quicksand, Hum, and Glassjaw to Pelican and Pallbearer. Ipecac Recordings co-founders Mike Patton and Greg Werckman fell under the band’s spell and signed them. Spotlights’ Ipecac debut, “Seismic”, arrived in in the Autumn of 2017. During the subsequent tours, Spotlights recorded an Audiotree session. The band also released an EP, “Hanging by Faith”, in June 2018.