Spam Javelin to release new studio album “The Three Chords of the Apocalypse” on March 5th 2021

Spam Javelin The Three Chords of the Apocalypse cover
Founded in North Wales in 2015, sub-hardcore punk trio Spam Javelin have been falling foul of America for quite some time.
With a five-date tour booked across the US in support of their debut LP “The Crack Whores of Betws Garmon”, the Welsh band hit the headlines in August 2019 when they were refused entry into the Land of Liberty and deported on the next available plane outta Dodge. Which unfortunately for them, was a direct flight to Iceland.
Back on home soil, raring for reprisal and with a new line-up, Spam Javelin began recording sessions for their follow-up in March 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Sitting out the majority of the year to watch a rich, albeit idiotic pit of governmental ineptitude open up around them, the band had no problem mining inspiration for their new record, “The Three Chords of The Apocalypse”, which was eventually completed in October last year.
With a number of EPs and 7" singles under their belts – including fan favourite “Nazi Line Dancers Fuck Off” – the trio have pursued a busy live schedule that has seen them play with such luminaries as Stiff Little Fingers, Cockney Rejects, Dr & The Crippens and 999. With a direct approach to punk rock reminiscent of Dead Kennedys and DOA, voiced with a peculiar sense of pithy absurdity set to anger of a beaten and bloodied tribe, “The Three Chords of The Apocalypse” is a much-needed collection of filth and fury for 2021.
The Three Chords of The Apocalypse” will be issued on CD, digital and splattered black and orange vinyl, through Link2Wales Records on March 5th, 2021. Pre-order your copy today, right here.

1. Shit You Don’t Need
2. Herd Impunity
3. God Bless America
4. Children of the Shoe
5. We’ve Made Plans for Nigel
6. You’re a Sanctimonious Prick
7. Fuck You
8. Joy Division Tool
9. Super Twat
10. More Shit You Don’t Need
11. The Wonder Kids
12. I Used to be a Punk
13. Cogged Off
14. Even More Shit You Don’t Need
15. Three Chords of the Apocalypse