Souls Of Diotima to release new album “The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis” on June 10th 2016

Souls Of Diotima The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis cover
Rockshots Music is excited to announce the release of Souls Of Diotima's brand new album “The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis” on June 10th, 2016.

Souls Of Diotima new album “The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis” is a 20 tracks ambitious concept album, recorded at Sweden's Fascination Street Studios mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Symphony X, At The Gates, DragonForce).

“The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis” define their musical genre contains elements of symphonic and progressive metal sound but also including surprises, striving to reach new heights, trying to entertain the listeners creating visual images, memorable mental scenes almost tangible just like watching a movie.

Listen to “Tears of Fury” below.

The cover artwork was designed by Rhett Podersoo.

01. The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis (Interlude)
02. The Land of the Wind
03. Stories, Songs and Celebrations
04. Divine Love (Interlude)
05. Divine Love
06. Fate and Destiny (Interlude)
07. Fate and Destiny
08. Gold and New Horizons (Interlude)
09. Gold and New Horizons
10. The Battle of Giants (Interlude)
11. The Battle of Giants
12. Tears of Fury (Interlude)
13. Tears of Fury
14. Zeus Unleashed (Interlude)
15. Zeus Unleashed
16. Atlas Condemned (Interlude)
17. Atlas Condemned
18. Our Atlantis (Interlude)
19. Our Atlantis
20. The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis (Prologue)

Pre-order “The Sorceress Reveals - Atlantis” here.