Scream3days to release new studio album “Rhesus Negative” on September 25th 2020

Scream3days Rhesus Negative cover
Italian melodic death metal combo Scream3days proudly announce that their album “Rhesus Negative” will be out on September 25th, 2020, via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group worldwide. 

The band stated:
“Hello Screamers!!! We are proud to announce that we have signed a record deal with the label WormHoleDeath for the worldwide distribution of our new album "Rhesus Negative"!!! We are really excited about this agreement and we can’t wait to start working with them!!! The new album is a further evolution of the Scream3days sound, while maintaining the classic characteristics of our musical identity: power, melody, darkness!!! Its realization required an obsessive attention to every detail: the recordings were made by the producers Luigi Giugno and Andreas Polito at their studios, The Brain Studio and Rocklab, while for what concerns the mixing and mastering, we made use of the immense professional and human quality of the great Simone Mularoni and his Domination Studios. The sound will be very powerful and surgical as usual and we are extremely anxious to let you listen to the finished work!!! In the meantime, let’s start to whet your curiosity with a little taste of "Rhesus Negative"... here’s a preview of the first lyric video "Divine Spark - D.N.A.". Shake your heads and high your horns!!!”...

Pre-order “Rhesus Negative” here.

01. Sa - Ta - Na – Ma
02. Sodoma Impure Race
03. The First and the Last
04. Divine Spark – DNA
05. Majestic 12
06. Megiddo
07. Inanna
08. Sun Serpent’s Light
09. Imago
10. Rhesus Negative

Check out the lyric video for the new track “Divine Spark - DNA” below.

“Scream3Days gave birth to a new reality focused on creating a majestic and powerful sound characterized by surgical drums, sharp riffing, melodic guitars and a strong growling voice”.

Scream3Days were founded in Turin in 2010 thanks to Alexxx and JKross who, after many experiences with other local bands, decided to give birth to a new reality focused on creating a majestic and powerful sound characterized by surgical drums, sharp riffing, melodic guitars and a strong growling voice. In 2011 the first short debut album, “The House Without Windows”, was recorded at The Grave Studio: this work led a little later to a fruitful collaboration with the label Join This Order for the promotion of the record itself.

The band played several concerts and began to be known in Northern Italy, though the real turning point came when Andrea Signorelli, leader of Braindamage, joined the project Scream3Days as “Kahlenberg”. Two years of hard work in composition eventually brought the band to record a full-length album, enriched by the contribution of one of the most influential producers of the death metal industry: Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi,Destrage, Slowmotion Apocalypse,Babymetal, Blood Stain Child). The result is “Kolera 666”: 9 songs of intense, dynamic and melodic Death Metal that were reviewed and very well received by sector magazines and published and distributed by the Italian label Punishment 18 Records. To promote the new album the band started a mini-tour in northern Italy and Switzerland with the brutal-deathsters Grindzero along with several single dates that allowed Scream3Days the opportunity to share the stage with international bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Coroner, Mortuary Drape, Hour of penance, Mortado, Node, Embryo.

In autumn 2019 the band started to record the new album “Rhesus Negative” that was mixed and mastered at Domination Studios with the producer Simone Mularoni. They signed a publishing and a worldwide distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the release of the new full-lenght album.

J.Kross - Vocals
AleXXX - Guitars
C.i.t.t.e. - Guitars
Kahlemberg - Bass, Backing Vocals
Unas: - Drums