Salmagündi to release new studio album “Rose Marries Braen - A Soup Opera” on November 15th 2019

Salmagündi Rose Marries Braen - A Soup Opera cover
Combining a transversal mix of progressive rock, post-punk, psychedelia elements and heavy stoner sounds, Italian experimental music collective Salmagündi return with their second album, titled “Rose Marries Braen - A Soup Opera”, on November 15th, 2019, via Karma Conspiracy Records.

Following their critically acclaimed, 2017- debut, “Life of Braen”, Salmagündi continue the story of Braen’s mad world, a character from “Carosello” (an Italian TV show from 1957 to 1977), who hides a schizophrenic existence where the border that divides tangibility from lies and reasonableness from insanity, becomes increasingly thin.

Today the four-piece band, who creates their unique sound with a distortion of 2 basses, 2 analog synthesizers, pounding drums and these ambient vocals, has finally unleashed the album details, pre-sale and a first track of “Rose Marries Braen - A Soup Opera”. Listen to the insane juggernaut, “I Ate You”, below.

Pre-order “Rose Marries Braen - A Soup Opera” here.

1. Cheese Fake
2. Cockayne
3. I Ate You!
4. Mrs Braen aka TantaVogliaDelay
5. Mumbo-Jumbo
6. ROSE merries B (W-Omen)
7. The Big Brother

Franco Serrini: Vocals & Analog Synthesizer
Enzo P. Zeder: Bass & Analog Synthesizer
Francesco Pacifici: Bass
Mattia Maiorani: Drums