Sad Planets release music video for new single “Just Landed”

Sad Planets video pic
Sad Planets – John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple, Guided by Voices, Death of Samantha) and Patrick Carney (Black Keys) – has just released a new video for “Just Landed”.

The video for the lead track off Sad Planets’ debut album “Akron, Ohio” – out April 19th, on Tee Pee Record – features J Mascis on lead guitar.

Watch the music video for “Just Landed” below.

The video focuses on a spaceman (Petkovic), who “just lands” in Los Angeles and proceeds to wander aimlessly from a disco to the streets of L.A. He is picked up and taken back to a motel room by a space girl (played by Chelsea Debo, a Los Angeles actor, who has appeared in a films and videos, including Lana Del Rey’s “Love”).

“Akron, Ohio” is the product of two friends with storied careers and beloved bands coming getting together to have fun and record a batch of songs on the spot, in the moment. A third friend, J Mascis, dropped in during the record to play lead guitar on “Just Landed”.

“J grabbed my guitar and just started playing along so we hit record”, says Petkovic, who also plays with Mascis in the band Sweet Apple. “It sums up the entire process… we would come up with chords and songs on the spot”.

“Just Landed” – a psychedelic pop elegy about revisiting a long-gone place – is a microcosm of their debut album, “Akron, Ohio”.

“Patrick asked if I wanted to come to Akron to jam with him in the studio”, says Petkovic, “I saw it as a chance to work with a longtime friend, but also an opportunity to reconnect with Akron in a very different way”.

Petkovic, a Cleveland resident, was born in Akron. Carney was leaving the city to live in Nashville. As a result, Akron came to play a unique role – as a ghost and a place that is as familiar as it is distant.

Pre-order “Akron, Ohio” here.

1. Just Landed
2. Not of This World
3. Yesterday Girls
4. City Ghosts
5. Bad Cells
6. Want You to Want You
7. (Falling into the Arms of a) Refugee
8. Long Goodbye
9. Heaven’s Devils
10. Disappearing