Rifftera release lyric video for second single “Cutthroat Game”

Rifftera Cutthroat Game single cover
Finnish metal band Rifftera has released a new single called “Cutthroat Game”. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming second album, “Across the Acheron”, which will be out on January 18th, 2019, via Inverse Records.

Janne Hietala (guitar & vocals) states: “"Cutthroat Game" is definitely the most melodic Rifftera song that has been released so far. "Across the Acheron" contains both more brutal and more melodic songs than what we had on our debut, "Pitch Black", and "Cutthroat Game" represents the most straight forward and melodic side. But then again, being Rifftera’s "pop song" (like we call it in the band), of course it still contains like ten different kick ass riffs and is over 6 minutes long. Because why not?”...

Watch the “Cutthroat Game” video below.

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1. Burning Paradise
2. Two Sides of the Story
3. Eye of the Storm
4. Cutthroat Game
5. Cry Wolf
6. Warmonger
7. Deep Waters
8. Across the Acheron

The album cover was done by Petri Lampela.

Janne Hietala - Guitar & harsh vocals
Mikko Kuoppamaa - Guitar & clean vocals
Antti Pöntinen - Keyboards
Jupe Karhu - Bass
Ville Härkönen - Drums