Reverence to release “When Darkness Calls” on vinyl

Reverence When Darkness Calls vinyl edition pic
Germany’s Metalizer Records is proud to announce the limited vinyl release of “When Darkness Calls”, the 2012 full length album release by power metal band Reverence. The vinyl album includes fully printed inserts and a bonus 7-inch single with two bonus tracks not available on the original CD release. The cost to fans is 16,90 Euros (approximately $22 USD).
During the power-metal heyday on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, a regular visit to the record store brought throngs of music fanatics out for regular brown bag purchases of 12 inch vinyl albums, boasting a full analog quality sound that truly pushed the capabilities of home speaker systems to the max. FM radio giants boasted strong listenership of the hard rock and metal genre by spinning vinyl platters over 50,000 watt radio towers worldwide. Die-hard music fans cherish the days of opening a vinyl album, reading liner notes and reviewing hi-quality printed graphics that enhanced the experience of owning the product. This was part of what made the power-metal generation great, and Reverence, today’s top US power-metal act has teamed with Metalizer Records to re-capture a piece of that magic.
Reverence axe-slinger, and former guitarist with the world-renowned band Tokyo Blade, Bryan Holland, has been a staple songwriter and performer on the metal music scene. Alongside band mates including Steve Wacholz (Savatage), Todd Michael Hall (Riot, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr), Pete Rossi (Sanxtion) and Ned Meloni (Jack Starr’s Burning Starr), the artists on this release have been performing their brand of music since vinyl was in vogue, and have refused to shy away from their artistry as music has gone through it’s stages of CD’s, MP3’s and digital streaming. Since the 2012 release began international sales and distribution, Reverence has scored top airplay ranks on the streaming Internet radio circuit with fans asking for more! In response, Metalizer Records offers more, but in limited supply. On their official website,, they have announced 350 copies to be produced on a first come, first served basis. Fans are encouraged to log on now and reserve their official copy while supplies last.
Metalizer Records is well known for producing collector pieces by a variety of artists in the hard rock and heavy metal music realm. Bands including Alice Cooper, Lizzy Borden, Twisted Sister and even AC/DC have featured items sold through the Metalizer Records website for fans world wide to consume. With guaranteed shipping of CDs, vinyl, DVD’s and other assorted merchandise; Reverence fans can be assured that this new album will meet the standards Metalizer Records has offered fans for years.
To find out more about the vinyl and CD release of “When Darkness Calls”, visit Reverence online here. The band offers links to online video, social media websites and merchandise links that support the artist. Do check the Grande Rock review here“When Darkness Calls” was featured on Grande Rock’s list with the Best 25 Albums of 2012!
Metalizer Records offers worldwide product distribution through their official website here. Visit the website to make purchases and to find more information on their wide selection of hard rock and metal music masterpieces.