Realize to release new studio album “Machine Violence” on September 25th 2020

Realize Machine Violence cover
Arizona’s Realize channels Godflesh, Nailbomb, and Meathook Seed with their sophomore full-length, “Machine Violence”, assembling an abrasive and hyper-aggressive take on industrial metal.

The band, featuring Kyle Kennedy (Sex Prisoner), Matt Underwood (Sex Prisoner), and Matt Mutterperl (North, Languish), amalgamates crushing metal riffs with driving, yet often unorthodox industrial rhythms and dissonant noise.
View the band’s “Disappear” video below and listen on all streaming services here.

“Machine Violence” will be released via Relapse Records on September 25th, 2020, on CD, LP, and digital formats. Physical preorders are available here and digital downloads/streaming services here.
1. Alone Against Flames
2. Melted Base
3. Ghost in the Void
4. Long Stare
5. Hypermech
6. Disappear
7. Simulated World Down
8. Slag Pile
9. Gateway Trial
10. Heavy Legs in the Mansion
The pace of “Machine Violence” is unrelenting throughout. Realize tackles stark themes such as isolation, altered reality, simulations, and anxiety, taking inspiration from science fiction writers such as Phillip K. Dick and Frederik Pohl. Redefining “heavy”, tracks such as “Disappear” and “Slag Pile” see the band unleashing menacing riffs against in-your-face, confrontational vocals, while “Alone Against Flames” and “Melted Base" thrash the listener straight away with faster tempos and a hardcore swagger.
Adhering to an oldschool approach to writing and recording, Realize and “Machine Violence” reflect on the advancing convergence of organic life and machines. No amps or drums were used in the recording process; vocals, guitars, and bass all used computerized amps and effect modulations, and drums were programmed on an Alesis machine. With “Machine Violence”, Realize leaps forward and showcases industrial metal at its most ferocious and uncompromising!