Quantum Pig to release debu album “Songs of Industry and Sunshine” on February 1st 2019

Quantum Pig Songs of Industry and Sunshine cover
Following the recent announcement of their signing to White Star Records and the release of lead single “Citizen and State”, Quantum Pig - the Carl Sagan, Queen and Husker Du-inspired duo - are pleased to announce the tracklist, artwork and pre-order details of “Songs of Industry and Sunshine”, which will arrive online and in stores on February 1st, 2019!

“Songs of Industry and Sunshine” can be pre-ordered on the official White Star Records website here and will also be available from all good retailers

1. Statement of Intent
2. Citizen and State
3. Long Letter Home
4. The Shadows We Miss
5. Things
6. Keep The Nation Warm
7. Dirty Old Engine

With Quantum Pig’s combined cultural and philosophical influencers, it should come as no surprise that their debut album is equipped with a stark, relevant and thought-provoking message.

“To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, this is a record that is about disenthralling ourselves from the dogmas of the past so that we can think and act anew”, says Mark Stevenson, the band’s principal lyricist.

“"Songs of Industry and Sunshine" is about the transition from the old world dying around us, to the new one that must emerge. From blistering opener "Statement of Intent", which deals with the promise of renewable energy, to the closing calm of "Dirty Old Engine" (a requiem for the dying embers of The Industrial Revolution) the album covers themes of exploration, marginalisation and search for meaning in times of uncertainty”.

“Ultimately this is an album riven through with hope and aspiration”, opines the band’s multi-instrumentalist musical powerhouse, Ian Faragher. “It’s progressive music entwined with progressive ideas. You won’t see any songs about wizards or goblins coming out of the Quantum Pig stable any time soon”.

Having featured on Quantum Pig’s first slice from their upcoming album, prog-drummer du jour Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Frost*) returns on record to further lend his talents to the impressive artistry housed within “Songs of Industry and Sunshine”. White Star Records co-owner and in-house producer John Mitchell (It Bites, Lonely Robot, Frost*) also completes his hand in Quantum Pig’s debut release with a “full house” of production skill lent to the album, praising its “plethora of hooks and cracking choruses”.

Quantum Pig maintain that they are a prog band and “not a prog band” simultaneously. Formed by Ian Faragher and futurist and author Mark Stevenson, the band manages to pen an unashamed love-letter to prog whilst seeking to break new ground, from punk to pop, brass band, electronica and classic rock. Initially conceived as side-project, blurred beginnings soon sharpened to reveal a clear path towards greater things - and a signing with White Star Records.
Quantum Pig’s musical powerhouse is Ian Faragher. Composer, acoustician and multi-instrumentalist, Faragher has played an active part in the UK experimental music scene for over ten years with his “Sonic Imperfections” concert series and radio show (Resonance FM). Outside of Quantum Pig he performs and releases experimental music with “The Broca Ensemble” (Champion Version Records), the “Tonal Liberation Army” and “The Drone Choir”.

Resident philosopher Mark Stevenson has two overlapping lives, one as a writer and musician, the other  as a “reluctant futurist”. As one of the world’s most respected thinkers on the interplay of technology and society, he spends a large part of his life exploring the cutting edge. He’s also the author of two best-selling books.

To commemorate their recent signing to White Star Records, Quantum Pig released “Citizen and State” on November 23rd. Described as “a meeting between The Stranglers and Kraftwerk in the house of Sonic Youth”, Quantum Pig’s debut single soars across a memorable, exploratory and playful soundscape that clearly telegraphs the band’s ambitions for the future of “Songs of Industry and Sunshine”.

Ian Faragher - Vocals, guitars, keys
Mark Stevenson - Vocals, bass, keys

Quantum Pig’s live performance is supported by a rhythm section of session musicians and second guitarist.