Pharaoh - free download of a new song

Cruz Del Sur Music wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year by giving you an exclusive FREE DOWLOAD of the new song "Castles in the Sky" from PHARAOH Upcoming Album "Bury the Light"
You can download it here... you are, also, invited to send your comment/feelings on it, as they will publish a selection of the best on their website!
“Bury the Light” is new and much expected release of awesome metal in the typical style of this much beloved band!! It will be 10 news songs for a total of 48 minutes. The sessions have some exceptional guest solos by Mike Wead (King Diamond) e Jim Dofka (Dofka). PHARAOH’s “Bury the Light” will hit the streets on February 24th 2012 in Europe, and on March 6th in the United States.
The following is “Bury the Light”’s detailed tracklist with comments from PHARAOH’s band members Matt Johnsen and Chris Black:
1. Leave Me Here To Dream
Chris: Another song about death’s best disguise: sleep.  And the desire for the oblivion of dreams.  And the power of guitar solos.
2. The Wolves
Matt: The funny thing about the 99% is that half of them vote exclusively in favor of the 1%!
Chris: And the other half doesn’t vote at all.  Yet this is a very aggressive song, probably the most aggressive song on the album.
3. Castles in the Sky
Chris: Perhaps the typical Pharaoh nugget, with lots of melodies tightly wound.  Brilliant lyrics by Tim.  They almost make it sound like The Man is out to get you.
Matt: The Man IS out to get you!  Guest solo by Mike Wead.
4. The Year of the Blizzard
Matt: The title is literal.  One year under the snow, with supplies running out.  Jim Dofka solos.
Chris: An epic track that shows more 70s hard rock influence than anything we’ve done before.
5. The Spider’s Thread
Matt: Based on a short story by Ryunosuke Akutagawa.  Buddha gives a sinner a chance to climb out of hell, but he fucks it up.
6. Cry
Matt: Regrets love company.
Chris: It’s true.  And this one was a full-band collaboration!
7. Graveyard of Empires
Matt: Afghanistan will make you its bitch!
Chris: This song made me its bitch.  It’s probably the most complex and challenging song we’ve done.  Written by Matt, of course.
8. Burn With Me
Matt: Creative destruction.
Chris: Along with “Cry”, this is the radio single contender. Which probably means that I wrote it.
9. In Your Hands
Chris: This one is about how people are so good at creating their own problems and yet so terrible at creating any solutions.