Paradise Lost (US) deluxe 2 CD reissue coming on January 15th 2016

Paradise Lost cover
The country music mecca of Nashville, TN may seem an unlikely home for a progressive-edged hard rock quartet, but that didn't stop Paradise Lost.

Formed in late 1985 under the name Audience, the group's core shared a mixed bag of influences including Yes, Journey, The Police, Rush, and U2 - not to mention gospel, jazz, and 70s and 80s pop.

The troupe rebranded itself Paradise Lost within a few short years - a banner that vocalist Dave Privett cites as: “a name with some mystery that still encapsulated some of the paradoxes in our music”, and eventually secured a deal with major label imprint Gold Dust Records. The undeniably unique existential passion of Paradise Lost's musical journey - heavy riffs with soaring melodies, hooks with complexity, and a heavy metal look with a philosophical twist - garnered favorable press locally and abroad; even scoring a 4K review from Dave Reynolds' Kerrang!.

In addition to the band's unsung classic self-titled full-length from 1989, this reissue additionally compiles previously unreleased demos and live recordings spanning 1986-1990: Paradise Lost's ear-complete history in more than 30 tracks. This deluxe edition also contains a 28 page booklet with in-depth interview, album lyrics as well as archival photos and press clipping from the band's vault. For the fans, by the fans.

Points of Interest:
• Out of print for over 25 years
• 22 bonus tracks from band archives
• 28 page booklet with new in-depth interview, lyrics and archival photos/press
• Limited edition
• Mastered by Jamie King
• Layout/Restoration by Adam Peterson


CD 1:
1. Scheme of Things
2. Shelter
3. Dark Horse
4. Light the Dark Sky
5. Someday
6. Dream of Love
7. Ashes & Gold
8. Cities in the Night
9. On My Way Back Home
10. Riding Elevators
11. In the End (Paradise Regained)

John Mills Sessions (1987):
12. Cities In The Night
13. Tonight
14. Light The Dark Sky
15. This Love's Our Own

Live at Nashville Extravaganza (1988):
16. Light The Dark Sky
17. On My Way Back Home
18. Choice Of Love

CD 2:
Perelandra Studios Sessions (1990):
1. Decorations
2. Hard Emotions
3. Magic
4. So Long

Recorded Live At Exit In (1987):
5. Did You Forget?
6. Hope Of Love
7. Rumors

Sound Shop Sessions (1988):
8. Heartache
Sound Vortex Sessions (1986-1987):
9. To You
10. Rainfall On A Sunny Day
11. Hollywood
12. Sand In My Shadow
13. Out Of The Ashes
14. World Fair
15. Gentle Pain

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