Oxidize to release debut album “Dark Confessions” on May 22nd 2020

Oxidize Dark Confessions cover
Swedish melodic metal combo Oxidize are proud to announce that they have signed with Wormholedeath for their album “Dark Confessions”, set for digital release on May 22nd, 2020.

1.Heading for tomorrow
2.Bleeding Heart
4.Not an Angel
5.Tell Me Why
7.Anti Hero
8.Hey Angel
9.Dark Confessions
11.Devil in Disguise
12.Crucify Me

Watch the music video for new single “Hey Angel” below.

In the spring of 2017 Oxidize was started. The goal was to find the people that wanted to work together, had the same taste of music, were friends and not totally unfamiliar with the music industry.

Per comments:
“It’s not easy to find them when you start to search in your head (network). But after a good nights sleep, the day after I quit Arctic Void, I contacted Anton Darusso, the lead singer in the band Wings of Destiny/Darusso.

I found Anton through Power Prog’s webpage. He was on the same record company that Arctic Void was signed to. I mailed him two demo songs and Anton Agreed to do them. So the singer was on board and now it was time to get in touch with the rest of the people that I thought about;

I called Niclas Karlsson, (lead guitar)(Crystal Eyes, Zonata, Fierce Conviction) I needed a guy who could bend strings and had an awesome technique. He have also a stage presence that’s good for live performances. He jumped on board and we started to work on the material.

The bass player Tommy Larsson (Fullforce, Heed, Manimal) also has a fine technique and feeling and fitted perfectly in the role to be the bands motor, and he have aslo a good stage presence that’s good for live performances. I called him and he joined.

Drummer, Mika Vainio, (Mrs. Hippie, Hardcore superstar, Brassmonkey, etc.) a guy I learned to know a few years back through a photo sessions with Brassmonkey. Skilled drummer with a lot of qualities. He visited me in the studio and he also agreed to join up with Oxidize, so now was the band complete”.

Per Stålfors - Guitar ( Earthrise & Arctic Void)
Anton Darusso - Vocals (Wings of Destiny, Darusso)
Niclas Karlsson - Lead Guitar (Fierce conviction, Zonata, Crystal Eyes)
Mika Vainio - Drums (Mrs. Hippie, Hardcore superstar, Brassmonkey, etc.)
Tommy Larsson - Bass (Manimal, Heed, Fullstrike, etc.)