Overhaul releases music video for new single “Saudade”

Overhaul video pic
Alternative romantic metal band Overhaul will release six new digital singles over the second half of 2019. The first single, called “Saudade”, is released on September 6th together with a videoclip. The song reflects on a past relationship of lead vocalist Samuel de Vries.

Watch the music video for “Saudade” below.

De Vries explains: “"Saudade" is about knowing that the time you can spend with a loved one is limited when you date someone from another country. It is knowledge that colors everything you do together, but also makes you remember things more beautiful than they actually were turning the past into some kind of utopia”.

It’s this romantic utopianism - the willfully ignoring, or simply forgetting about the ugly parts of a relationship, that was the inspiration for director Adrian Ophorst’s vision for the video accompanying the song: A young couple in love is seen in three scenes that show just how sweet a memory can be. But in the end, as all utopias do, they fall prey to the dogs of reality.

To deal with ever-declining album sales, the band embraces new release strategies. Focusing on singles as their main product gives the band more flexibility to sneak in extra bonus material with each new song release.

De Vries expands on the topic of long distance relationships: “In this time, where the whole world is connected, it is easy to meet someone from the other side of the world and start a relationship. These kind of relationships are quite unique to this millennium and come with their own problems. Distance can easily break a relationship and "Saudade" deals with exactly that fear”.

Samuel de Vries - Vocals
Richard Sluijk - Guitars
Glenn Bergmans - Keyboards
Sander van den Broek - Drums
Gielian Meessen - Bass Guitar