Onheil - “Storm is Coming” cover art & tracklist revealed

Dutch Blackened Metallers ONHEIL have released the cover and tracklist of their upcoming album, “Storm is Coming”. It's the follow-up to their critically acclaimed album “Razor” (2009). The album is currently being mixed and mastered by Bart Hennephof (TEXTURES) and Yuma van Eekelen (Ex-PESTILENCE) at the Final Focus Studios. The release is set for early 2014 by German Metal specialist Cyclone Empire.
Singer/Guitarist Amok comments: "Like most bands, we always want to make our new album the best one. But as the reception of our previous album “Razor” was amazing, that was one fuckin' tough job to do!
We took the sound of “Razor” as the blueprint and then injected it with even more power and dynamics! You will hear that in our riffs and drumming! Besides that we gave a bit more room for classic Heavy and Thrash metal influences and with that created more contrast with our blasting Black and Death Metal. That resulted in an unique blend that is the ONHEIL sound. We needed some time to do it, but we believe we succeeded in making a great follow-up album! Let's hope the Metal world agrees! “Storm is Coming”!"...
1. Embrace the Chaos
2. Kill Tomorrow
3. Self-Destruction Mode
4. The Omega Legions
5. Storm is Coming
6. The End Of Everything
7. Wings of Death
8. Dronkenschap in Duisternis II
9. Nature’s Wrath
10. Streams of Silence