#NapalmSofaSeries present Grave Digger, Megaherz, Evil Invaders, Nanowar Of Steel and Aether Realm

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The #NapalmSofaSeries is in full swing! To date, many Napalm bands have participated with acoustic concerts, Live Q&A’s, virtual gigs, release parties and even signing announcements - all streamed live or pre-recorded in their living rooms, studios or rehearsal rooms and watched by over half a million metalheads so far. To thank fans for their continued support of artists all over the world, we have even more exciting and creative content for you!

Coming soon - the #NapalmSofaSeries presents heavy metal icons Grave Digger with a live stream, Neue Deutsche Härte masters Megaherz with a previously unreleased piano version of “Für Immer” (engl. forever), as well as Evil Invaders will pitch in with a heavy thrash metal force and full DVD stream of their “Surge of Insanity: Live in Antwerp 2018” concert. The masters of parody metal, Nanowar Of Steel, announced a live stream songwriting named “The Journey of a Lost Sock in the Washing Machine”. Also: As part of the #NapalmSofaSeries North Carolina’s death metal maestros, Aether Realm, will have an album listening party + Q&A. Check out the schedule* below and join your favorite event via Youtube or Facebook:

Next on #NapalmSofaSeries:

01.05.20 - 06:00 PM CET
Aether Realm - album listening party + Q&A - YouTube

01.05.20 - 08:00 PM CET
Grave Digger - Scotch Whiskey (live stream) - Facebook

01.05.20 - 09:30 PM CET
Nanowar Of Steel - live stream songwriting
(Journey of a Lost Sock in the Washing Machine) - Facebook + YouTube

02.05.20 - 09:00 PM CET
Evil Invaders - Surge Of Insanity:
Live In Antwerp 2018 (Full DVD stream) - Facebook

11.05.20 - TBA
Megaherz - “Für immer” (engl. forever) piano version - Facebook
*New dates might appear last minute and timings might change.

How to watch? - Simply visit the Napalm Records FB page, YouTube channel, here, or the #NapalmSofaSeries website, here!