Musket Hawk to release new album “Desolate” on May 6th 2016

Musket Hawk Desolate cover
Baltimore, Maryland-based sludge/grind assassins Musket Hawk will spew forth their sophomore full-length, “Desolate”, on Mya 6th, 2016 via Unholy Anarchy Records.

A vile, near half-hour-long exploration into the underbelly of sonic filth, Musket Hawk’s self-produced, fittingly-titled “Desolate” was mastered by Dan Randall (Ghoul, Annihilation Time, Impaled etc.) and delivers eight decaying tracks of chaos, disorder and monolithic gloom.

Check out the caustic sounds of “Space-Ray Houska” below.

1. Pollute Your Throat
2. Reluctant Punk
3. Jeweler
4. The Grove
5. Connois Sewer
6. Space-Ray Houska
7. Tweed After Dark
8. Candidate For The Knife

Musket Hawk formed from the ashes of A Warm Gun in 2011. After self-producing a series of demos, the band’s debut full-length “The Form of Disgust”, which Disposable Underground hailed for being, “heavy, but not in a jovial way”, further elaborating, “You might find yourself bobbing your head or pounding your fist to the band’s jams, but with a furrowed brow instead of a smile”, was released via SMS Records in November 2013. Since then, Musket Hawk has released a live demo and a 7” split with Philadelphia’s Sunburster (2015, Unholy Anarchy Records).

The band continues to refine and explore the depths of extreme music, and in conspiracy with Baltimore’s Unholy Anarchy Records and Australia’s Goodtimes Records, offer up their long awaited sophomore effort, “Desolate” set for release on May 6th, 2016.

Musket Hawk will be on tour supporting the “Desolate” release alongside longtime friends and Aussie grind miscreants Disparo! in late May and June. Stay tuned for dates and venue information. Future rituals include a split release with Disparo!, which will be recorded at The Jam Room in South Carolina while on tour this Summer, as well as a split release with New York City’s Sangharsha, which will be recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

Gary – Screams and bass
Martin – Growls and guitar
Jason – Drums