Mud Factory to release debut full-length album “The Sins of Our Fathers” on December 11th 2020

Mud Factory The Sins of Our Fathers cover
Serbian groove/death metal act Mud Factory signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the release of their debut full-length album “The Sins of Our Fathers”.

“The Sins of Our Fathers” will be out on all digital platforms on December 11th, 2020.

The band stated:
“Long awaited first LP of Serbian groove/death metal band Mud Factory comes directly from the hands of the mighty Fredrik Nordström who mixed and mastered this record in his Fredman studio in Gothenburg. This studio is well known for producing legendary albums of Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Architects, Bring Me the Horizon, Soilwork, At the Gates and more”.

“..there really is everything here, from brutal deathcore, through thrash and groove, to the considerable influence of stoner sound”.

Pre-order & pre-save “The Sins of Our Fathers” here.

1. As I Watch Them Fall
2. You All Will Suffer
3. Self-Proclaimed God
4. Essence of My Being
5. All Shall Be Erased
6. In My Inferno
7. They All Deserve to Die
8. Between the Dead and Me

Album credits:
Recording Producer and Engineer: Marko Živanović
Recorded at Devotion Studios, Belgrade
Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström in Fredman Studio, Gothenburg

Today Mud Factory also launch their official video for “As I Watch Them Fall”. Watch the video below. The video was directed, recorded and edited by Ivan Matejić. Executive production by Ivan Matejić and Mud Factory.

“"As I Watch Them Fall" is the first song on our first LP album and we decided that it should be the first single track as well. We are very proud to present it to you with this amazing music video and we hope it will make you sing and headbang. Special thanks goes to our dear friend Ivan Matejić for putting a lot of motivation, passion and knowledge into it and helping us have a kind of video we always dreamt to have”, comments the band.

Mud Factory is a groove/death metal band from Vranje, Serbia, founded in 2012. They have won the biggest band competition in Balkans (Zaječarska Gitarijada) and Serbian Wacken Metal Battle. Band is recognized for its energetic and aggressive live shows. Mud Factory had live shows all across Serbia, as well as in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. They’ve played every major music festival in Serbia and have been a support band for various touring bands (Planet of Zeus, Obscure Sphinx, Thy Disease, Kultur Shock…). The band also founded their own metal festival called “Factory Fest” which has been held 5 times already. Mud Factory had previously released two EPs and now they’ve finished their first LP album “The Sins of Our Fathers”, which was mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström in Fredman studio, Sweden and supported by Wacken foundation.

Stefan Milanović – Vocals
Milan Stefanović – Guitar
Nemanja Stanković – Bass
Vanja Seneši – Drums