Michael Schenker Fest to release new studio album “Revelation” on September 20th 2019

Michael Schenker Fest Revelation cover
Following on from the release of their successful debut album “Resurrection”, Michael Schenker Fest have completed the recordings for their second studio album, which is now scheduled to be released on (please note new date) September 20th, 2019, this year worldwide through Nuclear Blast. The album pre-order will start on June 14th.

Today Michael Schenker Fest reveal the cover artwork for “Revelation”, which was created by Zsofia Dankova (Powerwolf etc.).

“It is a fantastic artwork and a great cover. A picture tells all!”, says Michael Schenker adding: “The album title and cover concept express things that have happened in my past as well as what is still happening in the present. It’s about passion and purity versus greed and corruption. There is much to say. It’s about time I let people know about some of this…”.

Pre-order the album here.

01. Rock Steady
02. Under A Blood Red Sky
03. Silent Again
04. Sleeping with the Light On
05. The Beast in the Shadows
06. Behind the Smile
07. Crazy Daze
08. Lead You Astray
09. We are the Voice
10. Headed for the Sun
11. Old Man
12. Still in the Fight
13. Ascension
14. Armed and Ready (live) [Bonus track]
15. Bad Boys (live) [Bonus track]
16. Rock Bottom (live) [Bonus track]

“Based on the fun that we had recording "Resurrection", the success of the album and the surrounding tours we undertook that were just fantastic, I was deeply inspired to make a start on writing new songs for a new Michael Schenker Fest album”, says Michael Schenker, explaining: “It is a step up from "Resurrection" with amazing input from all singers and all musicians - I could not ask for a better result. The songs are blazing, snappy, energetic, melodic and with drummers like Simon Philips and Bodo Shopf we got amazing results. This time we even managed to record three great mid-tempo songs with all singers involved, singing their hearts out”.

Besides the four vocalists Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley and Doogie White, Michael Schenker also reveals a guest singer on one track. “An incredible thing happened; we had this song that was ready to be worked on and Michael Voss suggested Ronnie Romero from Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, who Voss had worked with in the past, to sing on this song as a guest. What came out of it was classic. Amazing vocals with blazing music that absolutely rocks! We are ready to present this unique album to the world and I am very much looking forward to getting this album out there. Our label Nuclear Blast is totally happy with this record and I was especially happy getting a message from Markus Staiger, the founder of Nuclear Blast, saying how much he loves this album”.

Festivals 2019:
05.07. ES   Barcelona - Barcelona Rock Fest
11.07. DE   Balingen - Bang Your Head!!!
12.07. FR   Saint-Julien-en-Genevois - Guitare-en-scene