Metatrone to release “Eucharismetal” on March 11th 2016

Metatrone Eucharismetal cover
Christian Metal Masters Metatrone have announced the release of their brand new album “Eucharismetal” on March 11th, 2016 via Rockshots Music.

Davide Bruno (keyboards) and Stefano Calvagno (guitar) teamed up with Joe Lombardo (vocals), Dino Fiorenza (bass) & Salvo Grasso (drums) wrote, recorded and produced by themselves the most cohesive sounding Metatrone album to date.

01. Alef Dalet Mem
02. Molokai
03. Beware the Sailor
04. Wheat and Weeds
05. Latest News From Light
06. In Spirit and Truth
07. Mozart's Nightmare
08. Keep Running
09. Salva l'Anima
10. Una Parte Di me
11. Regina Coeli
12. Alef Dalet Mem (Italian Version - Bonus Track)
13. Lascia Che Sia (Bonus Track)

Watch the video for “Latest News From Light” below.

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Cover Art by Nello Dell'Omo (Art For Music) mixed & mastered by Riccardo Samperi at TRP Music Studios.

Commented  Stefano Calvagno:
“We are very satisfied, we've worked hard for many months on this record and it sounds great. We paid a lot of attention on the arrangements, we grew up a lot musically, it's a mature album and I think it could be a masterpiece of whitemetal / power prog genre”.

Priest Davide Bruno said:
“"Eucharismetal" is the best picture of the fusion of our being musicians in Corpus Christi, in the Eucharist which our music is feeded. This is why we choose Him as the title of the album, it's very heavy sounding lyrically and musically. Lyrics are based on our live esperiencies, our hopes, our wishes, our struggles and forgiveness: all of that connected with the Holy Scripture. Musically the fans could find a lot of surprises, more growl vocal parts and tons of heavy guitar riff bended with the great melodies sung by Joe (Lombardo). You will not be disappointed, Metatrone are back!”...

The new versions of “The Powerful Hand” (remastered) and “Paradigma”, with bonus tracks, will also be released along with “Eucharismetal”!