Malacoda to release new studio album “Restless Dreams” on October 19th 2018

Malacoda Restless Dreams cover
Canadian metal band Malacoda are to release the brand new album via Rockshots Records this coming fall!

Following on from the release of the EP “Ritualis Aeterna”, Malacoda will be releasing a new full length album “Restless Dreams”, via Rockshots Records in this coming fall.

The album delivers a full musical experience inspired by the horror video game “Silent Hill 2”. Malacoda first introduced their fans to the “Silent Hill 2” storyline with the track “I Got a Letter”, which featured on the band's sophomore release, “Ritualis Aeterna” (Rockshots Records, 2017).

“Restless Dreams”, inspired by the horror video game “Silent Hill 2”, is a musical journey through dark, tormented themes of doubt, loss, guilt and terror. The plot of the album follows a broken man’s journey through the ghost town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife asking him to meet her there. Malacoda brings a fresh interpretation of the themes within the ground-breaking video game classic “Silent Hill 2”.

Malacoda artfully bring to life the oppressive, claustrophobic aura of the fog consumed town with deviously clever song-writing and mind-cacthing lyrics, Malacoda truly understand the importance of meticulous production, and appreciate the masterful mix by Jon Howard (Threat Signal, Imonolith), “Restless Dreams” is a musical release unlike any other. Fans and new listeners alike, prepare for an atmospheric and melodic metal descent into a world of horror and despair.

The new album “Restless Dreams” is set to be released via Rockshots Records on October 19th in North America and October 26th, 2018, in Europe.