Luca Solina of Schysma is endorsed by Istanbul Agop cymbals

Luca Solina Istanbul Agop Cymbals
Luca Solina, drummer of Schysma, is now Endorser for Istanbul Agop Cymbals (other artists: Matt McDonough - Mudvayne, Aki Hakala - The Rasmus).
“I chose Istanbul Agop Xist series for its powerful and brilliant sound, for the deep resonance, the versatility and even for the comfort of the packaging. With this cymbals, the new disc by Schysma will gain the perfect atmosphere. I'd like to thank Gold Music and Giordano Macrì for making this collaboration possible”.
Schysma's new album, "Idiosyncrasy", which was anticipated by the EP “Imperfect Dichotomy”, will be ready at January 2014.
The artist official page will be soon available on the exclusive dealer for Italy, Gold Music