Loimann to release new studio album “A Voluntary Lack of Wisdom” on November 9th 2018

Loimann A Voluntary Lack of Wisdom cover
Italian Post Doom metallers Loimann just recently unveiled the hotly anticipated details about their upcoming third studio album “A Voluntary Lack of Wisdom”, which is set to be released on November 9th, 2018, via Argonauta Records.

Now the band has unleashed a first single for the track “I Own the Right to Tear Me Apart”, a crushing metal beast with big harmonies to be stuck in your head! Get your first appetizer from Loimann's brand new record and stream “I Own the Right to Tear Me Apart” below.

Says the band: “We're proud of our new album, and totally satisfied the way it came out. We had no doubts at all in choosing a song for the first single promotion. "I Own the Right to Tear Me Apart" is a fierce hymn (probably the faster song from "A Voluntary Lack of Wisdom") that decrees with pride and conviction our total estrangement to many realities of this planet that make us sick”.

Pre-order the album here.

1. Intro – Sluaghterhouse n°5
2. I Own the Right to Tear Me Apart
3. For Those About to Sink
4. Living in Fear of Death, Dying in Fear of Life
5. Mass Redeemer
6. Moral Dismemberment
7. V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (Vacuity. Ignites. Tremendous. Riot. Inside. Our. Lives.)
8. They Live
9. Ooutro - No Prayer for the Living

Formed in 2001 under the major influences of desert rock bands alike Kyuss, Fu Manchu or Monster Magnet, Loimann's sound evolved over the years for a more doom and heavy psych approach. Recorded at O.F.F. Studios in Torino during the summer of 2017 with Paul Beauchamp and Salvo Arico (Marmore/Khoy), the band's new work partially changes the direction compared to the previous records, with a more direct and easy listening sound while never losing their heaviness.

“The songs are shorter, more "in your face" (no keyboards at all this time) and with less complex songwriting”, the band explains. “On the other side we think we managed to obtain a more extreme result, with more growls and screams, concerning vocal parts and blackened post-core breaks coming out from doom/sludge riffs and atmospheres. The lyrics are centered on how human race is slowly approaching its extinction thanks to wars, pollution and thanks to how many human beings are becoming sort of involute individuals, thanks to the predominance internet has in their lives”.

Loimann continues: “We've heard and seen a lot about Argonauta Records during these past years, and we thought they could be an ideal new starting point for us. Then we met Gero and we immediately understood we are on the same level regarding many themes and musical tastes”.