Leaders of Epica and Imperial Age will discuss everything and answer fans questions on May 17th 2020

Epica and Imperial Age pic
On Sunday the 17th of May, 2020, Mark Jansen (leader and composer of Epica, MaYaN, United Metal Minds) and Alexander “Aor” Osipov (leader and composer of Imperial Age) will meet online in a live chat on YouTube to discuss many interesting topics and answer questions of symphonic metal fans from around the world.

Unusually for rock stars, they actually have a scientific background: Mark has a master’s degree in psychology (Maastricht University, Netherlands), while Alexander has a master’s degree in history (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia).

On top of that, they are both interested in non-conventional disciplines, such as cold healing, bioenergy, esoteric, etc.

The discussion promises to be very interesting and highly intellectual. The approximate topics include:
• Music (obviously mainly Symphonic Metal)
• Music business (how to promote your band during lockdown)
• Psychology
• History (including alternative history and ancient advanced civilizations)
• Health (including alternative health practices)
• Magic & the occult
• The Current world situation
• And many other things

It is really hard to predict what two metalhead intellectuals might talk about…

Fans will be able to ask questions in the Live Chat and get answers in real time!

This promises to be the most intriguing online chat during these interesting times - you surely want to be there!

Tune in on May, 17th, 2020, at 20:00 CET, here.

Mark Jansen is one of the most successful Dutch metal musicians, leader and composer of Epica - one of the top-3 symphonic metal bands int he world, MaYaN - his more heavy band, and United Metal Minds - a cooperation with metal talent from all over the world.

Alexander “Aor” Osipov is one of the most successful Russian metal musicians, leader and composer of Imperial Age - the most internationally known metal band from Russia, also playing in the genre of symphonic metal and currently breaking on the global market: on 25th April their online show was watched by 38,000 people and received 11,477$ in fan donations.