LAGS share new single “Echoes”

LAGS Echoes single cover
Following the announcement of their new album “Soon” and the release of their first single “Knives and Wound”, Italian post-hardcore band LAGS have shared their new single “Echoes”.

Listen to the new track “Echoes” below.

Speaking about the “Echoes”, frontman Antonio Canestri says: “I wrote the lyrics of this song in a very particular moment of my life”. Because of some odd connection of coincidences, nothing seemed to stay on course. And nothing did, actually. My feelings flowed into a song about hypochondria, anxiety, fear of failure and the unpredictability of my near future. Most of all, "Echoes" embodies that strange and awful "deer in the headlights" instinct that makes you want to stand still in front of all that everyday life commitments that want you to take some action anyway”.

The new track is taken from their forthcoming sophomore album “Soon”, which is due out on March 29th, 2019, via the newly-formed UK/US Casu Marzu Records, as well as the lauded Italian label’s To Lose La Track (Crash of Rhinos, Delta Sleep, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!, DAGS etc.) and Fuzzy Cluster Records.

The new album is available to pre-order here.

1.Knives and Wounds
4.The Bait
5.Magic Bullet
6.Second Thoughts
7.What It Takes
9.I Still Remember
10. Il Podista (Bonus Track)

More than three years have passed since Rome’s post-hardcore quartet LAGS released their debut album “Pilot”; a cult favourite across the Italian scene, but a well-kept secret to most. Since releasing their debut on Italian label To Lose La Track (home to likes of: Crash Of Rhinos, Delta Sleep, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!), LAGS have played over 80 shows throughout the peninsula with the likes of Beach Slang, Delta Sleep, Screeching Weasel and Raein, as well as performing at a number of national and international festivals, winning over new fans with each set. Now, March 2019 will finally see the release of their highly anticipated follow up album “Soon”.

Punchier and more proactive, the new album distils the sound of 2015’s “Pilot” LP, coupled with a production that is consciously raw and provocative. “Soon” is the sound of LAGS at their intoxicating best, mirroring the restless energy of their live shows alongside moments of measured temperance that balances the whole thing on a razors-edge.

Architects of intense contrast the band’s powerful instrumentation regularly flirts with the fragility and weight of the emotionally driven lyrics, flitting between huge anthem-to-be, shout along vocals, intricate guitars and decisive drum work. From the immediate and incendiary opener “Knives and Wounds”, to the hook heavy vocals of “Echoes”, right through to the emotive and climactic LP closer “I Still Remember”, the new record places its focus squarely on power, melody and understated complexity. With a nod towards classic Dischord, 90s post-hardcore and anthemic 00s indie-punk, whilst calling to mind the likes of “After the Eulogy”-era BoySetsFire, At The Drive-In, DeSoto, METZ and Self Defense Family, it’s safe to say that long-time fans, and fans anew, will not be disappointed.

Thematically, the new album is about arrivals and departures, losses and conquests, and illnesses and healings. Full of deeply honest lyrics “Soon” is a cathartic and self-realising record with moments of surprising uplift. Speaking about the record, frontman Antonio Canestri says: “"Soon" is a word inextricably linked to the present. It suggests immediacy, but also anticipation and uncertainty about arriving safe and sound to some place that can be either extremely beautiful or extremely painful”.

Incredibly sentimental and sonically accomplished, the new album sees LAGS hone familiar expressions from their debut into refined, darker aesthetics that give their direct sound renewed vigour. “Soon” is a brazen statement of intent and a chance to prove their true prowess having spent the last few years writing and touring. LAGS are climbing steadly, gunning for soft spots and proving that they should be anything but a well-kept secret.

“Soon” will be released on ltd. edition cassette as well as vinyl, CD and across all digital platforms. Following the album’s release, the band will head back out on the road playing dates across Italy as well as heading overseas to play their first UK dates.

Antonio Canestri – Guitar/Vocals
Gianluca Lateana - Guitar
Daniele De Carli – Bass
Andrew Howe – Drums