Kyros to release new studio album “Celexa Dreams” on June 19th 2020

Kyros Celexa Dreams cover
Following the recent release of their gorgeously energetic single “Rumour”, 80s synth-pop outfit Kyros have revealed “Phosphene”, the brand new video single drawn from the band’s forthcoming studio album, “Celexa Dreams”!

With the album arriving on June 19th, 2020, via White Star Records, Kyros’ latest single offers another look into the full experience, this time with a dense, textural track that adopts a more deliberate pace into deep, ballad-esque territories.

Set atop a backdrop of shimmering, minimalist synth melodies, the lyrical content of “Phosphene” - delivered by band vocalist and keyboardist Adam Warne - seeks to come to terms with previous grudges and ended friendships, accepting that it demands too much energy to hold onto grudges.
Watch the video for “Phosphene” below.

“"Phosphene" is a very personal song to me”, comments Warne, offering insight into the band’s latest single release. “It was actually written directly in response to our debut album, "Synaesthesia"”.

“I wrote the lyrics on that album about someone who had negatively affected my life in a significant way at that point. I fell out of contact with that individual, but many years later, re-established contact after realising how pointless it was to hold onto grudges. It’s all just teenage drama at the end of the day. We mature, we gain experiences and learn how to cope with certain situations as we grow older”.

News of the band’s latest single comes along with the announcement of digital pre-orders of their third release, which can be made here. Pre-orders of physical copies will be available in due course, having been affected by the current lockdown across the UK.

1. In Motion
2. Rumour
3. In Vantablack
4. Ghost Kids
5. Phosphene
6. Technology Killed the Kids III
7. Sentry
8. Two Frames of Panic
9. UNO Attack
10. Her Song is Mine

Kyros are perhaps best known for crafting fresh, new and exciting music with influences ranging from eighties pop akin to Depeche Mode and Kate Bush through to modern post-progressive and alternative rock music such as Muse and Porcupine Tree. Their forthcoming third studio album, “Celexa Dreams”, pulls from threads of the band’s collectively accumulated life experiences, building a small library of “short stories” with each individual track featured on the album.

Warne expresses that the morale of the story of “Phosphene” is simply that “maturing and learning that life isn’t about dwelling on trivial past mistakes made by either yourself or the other person. Life’s just too short for that, so where possible - forget the grudges, move on and start fresh”.

Having previously released two critically acclaimed studio albums - “Synaesthesia” (2014) and “Vox Humana” (2016) - Kyros have seen support in radio from both Team Rock and Planet Rock Radio, as well as receiving the top spot in the “Tip for 2014” and runner up in the “Tip for 2016” in Prog Magazine, plus a nomination for the “Limelight” category within the Progressive Music Awards.

Out on the road, Kyros boast a “trophy belt” decorated with numerous festival dates in UK, Germany and USA, as well as supporting high profile bands such as Marillion, Anathema, BigElf and IQ. In 2015, the band performed sixteen dates across Europe supporting Spock’s Beard.

Adam Warne - Lead vocals and keyboards
Joey Frevola - Guitar
Peter Episcopo - Bass guitar
Robin Johnson - Brums