Killinfear release music video for second single “Silence and Fear”

Killinfear Silence and Fear cover
Finnish metallic groove rock group Killinfear released their second single and music video “Silence and Fear” from upcoming album “Face the Demon” (to be released December 7th).

Grooving metal track is visualized with a documentary-styled video, which presents a view about truth, power and the collision of different realities.
The video is created by the band's vocalist Mika Lindberg, who has also directed videos for bands like Children Of Bodom and Lordi.
“The birth of Killinfear and the writing process of "Face the Demon" started pretty much at the same time. Mutual understanding of music and intense live shows at Baltics and in Finland made us a really tight rock act. As producing the album we didn't compromise on the quality and I must admit, the result is one hell of a ride”, comments the bass player Teemu Vähä-Mäkilä about the album production.
Check the video below.

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1. The One with Horns
2. Silence And Fear
3. Urn
4. Demonize
5. The Grip
6. Provocative
7. Ashes of Lies
Mika “Limppu” Lindberg – Laulu
Miro S. Kontio – Kitara
Teemu Vähä-Mäkilä – Basso
Joel Castrén – Rummut