Kezia signs with logic(il)logic Records

Kezia band pic
Kezia signed a deal with logic(il)logic Records to release their debut “The Dirty Affair”, scheduled for next spring. They like to define their genre “prop metal”, mixing classical progressive sonorities with the freshness and lighthearted flavor of pop rock music. The themes they deal with inside their songs are often ironic, desecrating and even embarrassing, but mainly they try to paint metaphors of life.

Pierlorenzo Molinari - vocals
Antonio Manenti - guitars
Alberto Armanini - keyboards
Fabio Bellini - bass
Michele Longhena - drums

Pierlorenzo, Antonio, Alberto. Singer, guitar player and keyboardist, friends since forever but separated by years of musical collaborations, projects and bands. In September 2013, on a glorious Monday, just like the poles of a magnet pushed by its attraction, they decide to put a stop to the past and write together the first chapter of a new story: Kezia. The fusion of three such different souls creates an instinctive music, a pastiche of influences, feelings, scents. Rock, progressive, swing, electro and pop. In two words: prop-metal. The structure is prog, expanding its melodic variations with pop freshness.

On November 2014 Kezia achieve “The Dirty Affair”, a 8-track EP scheduled for release soon. All the songs are composed by Pierlorenzo, Antonio and Alberto; during the recording session, drummer Matteo and bass player Andrea contribute to the work. On February 2015, with Michele on drums and Fabio on bass, Kezia complete the line-up and start working on new songs, while promoting “The Dirty Affair” through several live shows.