Jupiter Hollow to release new studio album “Bereavement” on June 12th 2020

Jupiter Hollow Bereavement cover
One of Toronto’s favourite ambient progressive metal/rock duo Jupiter Hollow announce they will be releasing their new album “Bereavement” on June 12th, 2020, to follow their two highly praised recordings “AHDOMN” (2018) and “Odyssey” (2016). 

“Bereavement” is the continuation of the storyline from both previous releases. The band further explains:
“A man with unimaginable global power sends important members of his family and society away to a habitable world outside of our solar system in order to salvage humanity. As capable as this man is of salvaging humanity’s dying society on Earth, he finds more solace in the greed and power he has inherited. Victim of his lifelong internal battle with mental instability, he leaves humanity to extinction on Earth. Struggling with this outcome, he sends himself and his ship aimlessly into space, attempts suicide and crashes on a planet in another solar system. Upon awakening, he realizes where he is, and that he will soon meet the remaining faces that have abandoned him, just as he abandoned them, and they’re hungry”.

The duo of Grant MacKenzie (Guitar, Bass, Synth) and Kenny Parry (Vocals, Drums, Piano, Synth) that form Jupiter Hollow are here to create an artistic experience unlike anything else in the industry. Inspired from the art of storytelling and adventure, they intend on taking you through an in-depth journey through their discography and encourage listeners to join them for every step along the way. Get ready as Jupiter Hollow will take you on a musical tour, from the studio to the stage, and every place in between. They are your tour guides.

You may begin the experience with Jupiter Hollow here.

Pre-order “Bereavement” here.

1. L’Eau du Papineau (3:58)
2. Scarden Valley (5:12)
3. The Rosedale (6:26)
4. Kipling Forest (6:06)
5. The Mill (3:59)
6. Mandating our Perception (2:29)
7. Sawbreaker (8:56)
8. Extensive Knowledge (5:41)
9. Solar Gift (12:37)

Canadian Tour Dates 2020:
June 12 – Guelph, ON - Red Papaya (KronikFest)
June 16 – London, ON - Call The Office 
June 17 – Toronto, ON - Duffy’s Tavern 
June 18 – Barrie, ON - The Foxx Lounge 
June 19 – Sudbury, ON - The Asylum 
June 20 – Montreal, QC - Marche Noir 
June 21 – Ottawa, ON - Avant-Garde Bar 

Grant MacKenzie - Guitar, bass, synth
Kenny Parry - Vocals, drums, synth, piano