Invicta to release debut full-length studio album “Halls of Extinction” on May 3rd 2019

Invicta Halls of Extinction cover
Invicta will release their debut full-length studio album, “Halls of Extinction”, on May 3rd, 2019!

The incredible artwork is done by Mario Lopez (Toxik, Skeletal Remains, Game Over, Evil Invaders).

The album was recorded and mixed by Jonah K at his studio (HM Studio) and mastered by Jamie King (BTBAM, Devin Townsend/DTP, Wretched).

Vocalist/guitarist Kyle Edissi adds:
“We think that the fans will really dig this album. We think if someone was a fan of "The Executioner", then "Halls of Extinction" will really hit the spot for them. The album is a fast, aggressive, in your face style of thrash/death metal with lots of melodies intertwined to make for a unique style of metal that is not only unique but still accessible to listeners and fans of wide varieties of metal”.

1. Terminal Brutality
2. Sacred Scourge
3. Halls of Extinction
4. None but Ash
5. Eye of Destruction
6. Dark Side
7. Infinite Aggression
8. The Rapture

Invicta strikes out on a thrash attack across Canada this spring in support of Italy’s Ultra-Violence making it one of the most aggressive thrash tours of the year. Heavy and violent, yet catchy and melodic Invicta has been ripping up stages since their inception in 2017 and is excited to punch the audiences in the face with a thrash metal fist.

This tour will coincide with the release of “Halls of Extinction” the band’s second release and first full length that boasts eight blistering songs of fury. With a more refined and mature sound, it is more thought out than its predecessor (2018’s EP “The Executioner”) in terms of technicality theory and arrangement. The album flows well, is easy to listen to but still packs a very large punch!

Metal fans of all sorts, especially fans of Kreator, Exodus, Deicide, Kalmah, and Children of Bodom can find themselves headbanging along with Invicta on the following dates with Ultra-Violence listed below.

Canada Tour Dates 2019:
May 2 - Montreal, QC - La Vitrola
May 3 - Ottawa, ON - Dominion Tavern
May 4 - Kitchener, ON - Boathouse
May 5 - St. Catharines, ON - The Warehouse
May 7 - Sudbury, ON - The Asylum
May 9 - Thunder Bay, ON - Black Pirate Pub
May 11 - Saskatoon, SK - Black Cat Tavern
May 12 - Edmonton, AB - Rendezvous
May 13 - Nelson, BC - The Royal
May 14 - Kelowna, BC - Munnin’s Post
May 15 - Vancouver, BC - Astoria
May 17 - Calgary, AB - Verns
May 18 - Regina, SK - Cloud 9
May 22 - Toronto, ON - Cherry Cola's
May 23 - London, ON - Old East 765
May 24 - Windsor, ON - Dominion House
May 25 - Guelph, ON - DSTRCT

Album Line-up:
Kyle Edissi – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Jonah Kay – Guitar
Shareef Hassanien - Drums

Live Line-up:
Kyle Edissi – Vocals, Guitar
Jonah Kay – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Shareef Hassanien – Drums
Steven Rowlands – Bass, Backing Vocals