Injector to release new studio album “Hunt of the Rawhead” on December 18th 2020

Injector Hunt of the Rawhead cover
Technical Thrash Metal act Injector strike back with burning details of their third and upcoming album “Hunt of the Rawhead”, to be released on December 18th, 2020, via Art Gates Records worldwide.

The cover art has been created by the artist Enrique García Morales, who previously worked with Injector in other albums.
In words of the band:
“We found the perfect balance between aggressiveness and melody and we feel pretty proud of it, achieving the sound we wanted for Injector for a long time, this is a big step coming from our previous albums”.
1. March to Kill
2. Unborn Legions
3. Into the Black
4. Dreadnought Race
5. Rhythm of War
6. Arcane Soul
7. Feed the Monster
8. Interstellar Minds
9. Boundbreaker
The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Dani MVN at Sup Estudios.