Hollow signs new worldwide deal with Rockshots Records and announces new album “Tower”

Hollow pic
Sweden’s progressive/power metal band Hollow has inked a new worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records, after the release of 2019’s “Between Eternities of Darkness”, their coming back after 20 years from the latest release “Architects of the Mind” (1999, Nuclear Blast Records).

Following up the 2019 return after a two-decade hiatus Hollow is back with its fourth album, intriguingly called “Tower”. Andreas Stoltz comments: “If "Between Eternities of Darkness" was a dark and tragic tale, this one is more uplifting. Hollow’s "Tower" emphasizes the possibility of change and of growth, but also each person’s responsibility to make the better choice. These are times when this is more important than ever”.
This trademark riff-laden, melodic and accessible album will appeal to fans of intelligent and original heavy metal. For some an acquired taste and for others an immediate recognition.

More news will be unleashed in the coming weeks.

Andreas Stoltz: Vocals and guitar
Stalder Zantos: Drums