Helloween announces “United Alive World Tour Part II” and new studio album for 2020

Helloween World Tour 2020/2021 poster
Looking back to Helloween’s universally lauded Pumpkins United World Tour: the excitement that swept through the media began with the announcement of the power metal legend’s plan to visit at least 32 countries across three continents - but the reactions were nothing compared to the euphoria of over a million fans at sold out halls and festivals around the globe.

Immediately following their massive Brazilian tour with the Scorpions and Iron Maiden, the “Pumpkins United” line-up entered Home studios in Hamburg (where everything originally started in 1984) to work on brand new material. The same recording console used for albums such as “Master of the Rings”, “Time of the Oath” or “Better than Raw” is now being used to record a new legendary studio album - analogue and deliberately “back to the roots”. With Michael Kiske, Kai Hansen and Dani Löble drumming on Ingo Schwichtenberg’s original drum kit, one thing is for sure: a stronger Helloween vibe won’t be possible. With United power, the new album will kick down the doors end of August / beginning of September 2020 - produced by Charlie Bauerfeind and Dennis Ward.

If this wasn’t enough exciting news, it’s official: the “United Alive World Tour Part II” is coming! The Helloween party will continue and there are a million reasons to attend again - besides the full speed rollercoaster set to carry fans through three decades of breath-taking material, the brand new album (yet to be named) will be presented live for the very first time.

In September 2020, the legendary United line-up will be unleashed again, yet stronger, with the new song material and a ton more horsepower – simply the ultimate “United Alive World Tour Part II”.

World Tour Dates 2020:
26.09.  SK  Zvolen - Ice Stadium
27.09.  A  Vienna - Gasometer
29.09.  CH  Zurich - Samsung Hall
30.09.  I  Milan - Lorenzini District
02.10.  D  Stuttgart - Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle
04.10.  UK  Manchester - Academy
05.10.  UK  London - Brixton Academy
07.10.  F  Paris - L’Olympia
08.10.  LUX  Luxembourg - Rockhal
09.10.  F  Lyon - Le Transbordeur
11.10.  E  Madrid - WiZink Center
12.10.  E  Barcelona - Sant Jordi Club
15.10.  CZ  Prague – t.b.a.
16.10.  D  Bochum - RuhrCongress
17.10.  D  Hamburg - Sporthalle
19.10.  H  Budapest - Papp László Sportaréna
20.10.  PL  Katowice - Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe
23.10.  RUS  Moscow - Adrenaline Stadium
25.10.  RUS  St. Petersburg - A2 Green Concert
27.10.  EST  Tallinn - Noblessneri valukoda
29.10.  FIN  Helsinki - Black Box
31.10.  S  Gothenburg - Partille Arena

Tickets for all shows are on sale from 9am on Monday 9th December.