Heat Of Damage signs with Sliptrick Records and announces new album “Cataclysm”

Heat Of Damage band pic
Sliptrick Records are glad to announce that US metallers Heat Of Damage have joined the label’s roster.

Heat Of Damage is a four-piece Metal band from Sacramento, California. Originating in a state that has brought the metal world countless legendary bands, Heat Of Damage’s genesis is rooted in a place incredibly ripe for the development of something new.

Bay Area Thrash, with groups like Metallica and Exodus; hometown heroes Deftones and Papa Roach; and an extensive list of other influences all laid the foundation upon which Heat Of Damage continues to build. Dynamics and energy dominate the band’s live performances and not a fraction of these elements is lost in their recorded productions.

From humble beginnings in the suburbs of Sacramento, years of dedication and a drive to constantly refine their craft have brought Heat Of Damage to the forefront of the Northern Californian metal scene. They, just like the genre of metal itself, stay true to their roots while never losing sight of what’s before them: something new. Something special waiting to be realized. Heat Of Damage aspires to take their brand of heavy music to the masses, one metalhead at a time.

The group’s forthcoming album, “Cataclysm”, is due for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records in 2019.

Julian Bohland – Drums
Jared Easter – Bass/Hardcore Vocals
David Haug – Vocals
Nick Lassalette – Guitar