Hard Resistance to release “1994 Retrospective 2014” on January 2nd 2015

Hard Resistance 1994 Retrospective 2014 cover
The eraly nineties and mid-nineties were a revolutionary periode. A lot of American hardcore bands started to boom and the scene exploded once again. Bands like Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Madball, Pro-Pain and Cro-Mags grew and destroyed the European stages. It was at that time, that Hard Resistance started out.

After a while, European bands earned the respect they deserved. In fact, they established a true hardcore "Euro-scene" and European bands got dubbed "Euro-core bands" by international media and radio. Everyone was talking about it, everyone was into hardcore. Glorious days!

Every now and then everything changes, if you like it or not. Hardcore began to lose its popularity and by the beginning of 2000 it had lost most of its followers. The European scene had collapsed. It had become a victim of its own success. Fans turned their backs and got into other genres. Hard Resistance's record label, Lost & Found Records, refused to pay for new recordings. "Hardcore has become too much of a risk, and we're not willing to take the chance", they said. End of story. The guys decided to call it quits after a few "farewell shows".

In 2008 Hard Resistance decided to play some reunion shows in Europe and almost 2 years later the guys started recording new material. It was a new era and the songs were harder than ever. Strength Records [owned by Onno Cro-Mag (RIP) and Roger Miret (Agnostic Front)] released their brand new album in 2012 and mini CD in 2013. Back on track!

1994 Retrospective 2014” is not only a retrospective to this awesome period, but also to all the great "Euro-core bands" and of course to the fans.

The official release date has been set for January 2nd, 2015 and will be available as a 2CD Deluxe Digipack- Released by WTF Records!

The band recorded 22 songs and picked 20 songs for this album. The album features tracks from all old albums and mini albums.

All songs were recorded and mixed at the Golden Din Studio, Merksem - Antwerp by Thomas Bleys. Artwork was done again by Robert Van Der Donk who previously did the "Lawless & Disorder" and "Euphemism" album artwork.

“1994 Retrospective 2014” in sound and vision, besides the re-recorded songs, this release's artwork contains tons of live shots, posters and many many more awesome stuff!! A tribute to a great period and to the fans!

All old CDs and mini albums (released by Lost & Found Records) are sold out, years ago. So here's your chance to grab a copy - Blast from the past and relive those crazy days!!!