Harakiri For The Sky to release new studio album “Arson” on February 16th 2018

Harakiri For The Sky Arson cover
Mystical, icily and emotional: In the focus of the music of Harakiri For The Sky stands the dreamy, the picturesque aspect, the melancholy joy of Black Metal and the tension of Post-Rock.
Founded in 2011 in Vienna, Austria, the aim of Harakiri For The sky has always been to create a unique mixture of melancholy and aggression, madness and meaning, and wrapped in alternately manic/mellow songs that bridged black metal and atmospheric post-rock.

The band was initially begun as a studio project by erstwhile Bifröst member M. S. joined by vocalist/lyricist J. J., and has recently been expanded to a live lineup.
With that lineup secured, Harakiri For The Sky then embarked upon successful European tours with the likes of A Forest Of Stars, Ellende, Fäulnis, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, and Agrypnie among others, encompassing over 20 countries to date.
2016 was a really successful year for Harakiri For The Sky. Their 3rd album “III - Trauma” got great acclaim from critics and audiences and a nominee for the “Amadeus Austrian Music Award”!
The recording process of the 4th album “Arson” is finished now! The album will be released on February 16th, 2018.

M.S. comments his work: “With "Arson" we wrote our most honest and personal album to date. Eventhough its structure may seem unorthodox to some, it works as a whole and reflects our development and current situation in the way we wanted to express ourselves”.
Listen to the new track “Tomb Omnia”, below.

It is the first time with a studio drummer on a record and no one more could fit better into the line-up than Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, who handle the drums behind Septicflesh and played live with Behemoth.
The new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniel Fellner.
The band will do one exclusive album release show on 10.02.2018 @ Szene - Wien - Austria.
1. Fire, walk with Me
2. The Graves we've Dug
3. You are the Scars
4. Heroin Waltz
5. Tomb Omnia
6. Stillborn
7. Voidgazer
8. Manifesto (Bonussong and only on boxset and deluxe vinyl edition)

Pre-order the album here.
• All music and arrangements by M.S.
• All lyrics by J.J.
• Session drums by Kerim “Krimh” Lechner
• Classical guitar on “Heroin Waltz” by Bernth Brodträger
• Recorded by M.S. and Daniel Fellner
• Mixed and mastered by Daniel Fellner
• Produced by M.S.
• Drums recorded at “Sureal Records” by Matthias Ambros and Chris Grabner
• Artwork by Striga
• Limited Boxset Artwork by Metastazis
• Band photo by Krist Mort
• Layout by Seance Design
• “Manifesto” cover by Graveyard Lovers
• Guest vocals on “Manifesto” by Silvi Bogojevic
• Choir vocals on “Manifesto” by Leesa

The album will be available in the following formats:
• Hardbook Special Packaging Double LP with golden hot stamping foil, glued-in 16 pages booklet and one exclusive bonus song and in different limited colour editions.
• Limited Boxset with Metal-Pin, handwritten autograph card, cigarette lighter, Hardbook Digipak CD with golden UV Spot laque l stamp with one exclusive bonussong in a 3D metal box with exclusive coverartwork by Metastazis (lim.1000).
• Hardbook Digipak CD with golden UV Spot laque.
• Gatefold Double LP with golden hot stamping foil and 16 pages booklet.
• Digital.
European Tour Dates 2017:
18.11.2017 Bern, Graffiti (CH)
01.12.2017 Prague, Nova Chmelnice (CZ)
02.12.2017 Ostrava, Barrak (CZ)
03.12.2017 Brno, Melodka (CZ)
04.12.2017 Bratislava, Randal (SVK)
05.12.2017 Budapest, Dürer Kert (HUN)

European Tour Dates 2018:
17.01.2018 Turku, Gong (FIN)
18.01.2018 Tampere, Klubi (FIN)
19.01.2018 Jyväskylä , JKL Metal Festival (FIN)
20.01.2018 Helsinki, Metal Crane Festival (FIN)
21.01.2018 Tallinn, Tapper (EST)
25.01.2018 Malmö, Babel (SWE)
26.01.2018 Göteborg, Musikens hus (SWE)
27.01.2018 Stockholm ,Klubben (SWE)
28.01.2018 Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken (SWE)
29.01.2018 Oslo, Revolver (NOR)
10.02.2018 Vienna, Szene Wien (AT) - [Exclusive Release “Arson” Show]

M. S. - All Instruments, Songwriting
J. J. - Vocals, Lyrics