Gazpacho reveal new video for “Exit Suite” from new album “Soyuz”

Gazpacho pic
Ahead of the release of their brand-new studio album, “Soyuz”, on May 18th, 2018, Norwegian Art-rock progressive outfit Gazpacho have revealed their visually stunning and emotive new video for the track “Exit Suite”.

Gazpacho’s Thomas Andersen explains the song’s creative birth: “"Exit Suite" is the cinematic sounding result of a night playing with matches in the studio. It is a song about the fear of dawn and the passing of the old day. The matches were supposed to be our short flickering lives in the dark universe and we ended up making a rhythm out of them and building a song on that rhythm”.

Andersen continues on the creation of the video clip: “The short film accompanying the song was made by Dewi Allen from the University of South Wales, Cardiff and we loved it. We had lots of ideas on what the film should be like and he had the wisdom to ignore everything we said and do it his way. It’s perfect, speaks for itself and showcases his very special talent. I hope you all agree”.

Gazpacho have become synonymous for their distinctive art rock that balances tense and beautiful arrangements, sinister and soulful melodic lines, “Soyuz” furthers their experimental output. With a holistic approach to the album writing process, imbuing each with a captivating concept – in “Soyuz” the concept was born from the idea of how beautiful moments pass and cannot be “saved for later”, so within “Soyuz” are interconnected tales of people and lives “frozen in time”. Taking inspiration from a multitude of eras and subject matters, including the doomed Russian space capsule “Soyuz” and its iconic captain Komarov; the Tibetan Buddhist funeral practice in “Sky Burial”; the inclusion of the oldest recording of the human voice from 1860 and the Hans Christian Andersen inspired “Emperor Bespoke”.

“Soyuz” was recorded at Krypton Planet & St. Croix Fredrikstad in Norway, engineered by Thomas Andersen, Kristian Torp and Mikael Kroemer, mixed by John Rausch and mastered by Sonovo Mastering’s Thor Legvold. The artwork, designed by painter Antonio Seijas, is inspired by Russian Cold War colours and fonts from the “Soyuz One” flight era.

Pre-order “Soyuz” here.

1. Soyuz One (06:22)
2. Hypomania (03:44)
3. Exit Suite (03:40)
4. Emperor Bespoke (07:49)
5. Sky Burial (04:24)
6. Fleeting Things (04:24)
7. Soyuz Out (13:26)
8. Rappaccini (04:08)

The band have confirmed they will be taking “Soyuz” on the road this Summer with a series of headline shows and an appearance at Be Prog! My Friend Festival in Barcelona, with more dates to follow.

Live Dates 2018:
May 24 - Muziekgieterij Maastricht, Netherlands
May 25 - De Pul Uden Uden, Netherlands
May 28 - The Dome, Tufnell Park London, United Kingdom
May 31 - Colos-Saal Aschaffenburg Aschaffenburg, Germany
June 2 - Neushoorn Leeuwarden, Netherlands
June 23 - Rockefeller / John Dee / Sentrum Scene Oslo, Norway
June 29 - Be Prog! My Friend 2018 Poble Espanyol de Barcelona Barcelona, Spain

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