Gama Bomb release crime thriller themed video for new single “Give Me Leather”

Gama Bomb Give Me Leather single cover
Irish thrashers Gama Bomb have released a crime thriller themed video for new single “Give Me Leather”.

The headbanging track is the third single from the band’s sixth album “Speed Between the Lines”, out on October 12th, via AFM Records.

You can check out the video below.

The video is inspired by Italian “Giallo” thrillers of the 60s and 70s like Profundo Rosso and Suspiria, and was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland and London’s famous Barbican centre.

“"Give Me Leather" is a perverse little song so we needed the right shoot location”, explains singer Philly Byrne. “We spent a whole day shooting in a real, working fetish dungeon called Maison de Debauch. After sixteen years in the heavy metal business we thought we’d seen it all, but some of the devices they had in there would turn your hair white! It was fun to play around with whips and chains all day, then added a Giallo flavour because we’re all huge fans of the genre. It’s safe to say Gama Bomb doesn’t get much more sexy than this - which is really sad when you think about it”,

“Give Me Leather” is streaming everywhere now, and is available as a 7" vinyl single from AFM Records, here, with cover art by Rory McGuigan (Villagers), inspired by vintage paperback novels.

The album’s cover art was created by New York-based artist Jarred Hageman aka Chrome And Lightning and Rory McGuigan (Villagers). The album was produced by longtime Gama Bomb collaborator Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth, Sylosis).

“The title just popped into my head one night”, explains singer Philly Byrne. “I’d been listening to a lot of 50s rock and doo-wop, songs like Sixteen Candles and Sweet Little Sixteen, and it just kinda morphed into this idea: what if somebody wrote a Satanic teen rebellion song?”...

Bassist Joe McGuigan on “Speed Between the Lines”: “Our aim with this record was keep refining the Gama Bomb thrash formula. It’s got faster and more punky riffing, battling axes and catchy, memorable choruses from Philly, who’s back with the Halford / Belladona notes after injuring his voice a few years back”.

“Speed Between the Lines” will be released by AFM Records on October 12th, 2018, and is the sixth studio album in 16 years.

The album will be available as CD, clear yellow gatefold Vinyl (ltd. to 250 units), turquoise gatefold Vinyl (ltd. to 250 units), clear/red gatefold and vinyl red/black splatter (ltd. to 100 units) which is exclusively available in the AFM webshop, here.

01. Give Me Leather
02. A Hanging
03. 666teen
04. Bring Out the Monster
05. R.I.P. U
06. Motorgeist
07. Alt-Reich
08. Stay Rotten
09. We R Going 2 Eat U
10. Kurt Russell
11. World Gone to Hell
12. Faceblaster

Gama Bomb are using that voice to deliver sharper commentary than ever: “Speed Between the Lines” delivers cutting takes on everything from the growing poverty gap (“We R Going 2 Eat U”), to the rise of right wing populism (“Alt-Reich”), environmental disaster (“World Gone to Hell”) and the conformity of social media (“Stay Rotten”). Of course this being Gama Bomb there are also songs paying tribute to Kurt Russell, listening to Motörhead and paying people to kick you in the balls.

Philly Byrne - Vocals
Domo Dixon - Guitar
John Roche - Guitar
Joe McGuigan - Bass/Vocals
Paul Caffrey - Drums