F.U.A. to release debut album “Socially Transmitted Disease” on September 28th 2018

F.U.A. Socially Transmitted Disease cover
Dutch Rockers F.U.A. are pleased to announce that they have signed with WormHoleDeath for the release of their debut album “Socially Transmitted Disease”, which has been recorded and mixed at Realsound Studio.

“Socially Transmitted Disease” will be released on September 28th, 2018, via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group / The Orchard worldwide and on November 28th, 2018, via Disk Union Distribution in Japan.

The album will be available for pre-order on September 14th, 2018.

Watch the video for “Cheers” below.

1. Cheers
2. Blind
3. M.O.U.S.
4. Blame it on the Weed
5. Fake
6. Make Punk Great Again
7. Hey, Hello!
8. Love You
9. Riot
10. I Want to Hit You in the Face
11. Fuck You Anyway
12. S.T.D.
13. Wankers in Blue
14. Psychotic

Band statement:
“Hi we are F.U.A. As you probably know our debut album "Socially Transmitted Disease" is about to be released via Wormholedeath. We have been working on it for almost three years. With "Socially Transmitted Disease" we want to send a warning out into the world against the dangers of social media cause unfortunately a lot of people are addicted to their phones and computers. The digital drugs we use daily has taken our social lives in a stranglehold. We ourselves have fallen victim to the addicting digital world. So we decided to fight against it. The album containing 14 songs is a mixture between what we like to hear in music: raw powerful emotion and also a lot of fun! We hope that you all enjoy our music. We can't wait to see you rock at one of our shows! Cheers!”...

F.U.A. is a Dutch light and heavy punk creation of four friends who are all self-taught musicians. The band started by accident when drummer Sander Pietersen was practicing with his friend at a local bar. That same day singer Daphne De Heij walked past and interested by the sounds, entered the bar. It did not take long before she grabbed a microphone and bursted out some self-written lyrics. Later F.U.A. was fully formed when bass player Robbert Van Der Bijl and eventually guitarist Mitchell Verschoor joined the group.

The band started creating their own songs while simultaneously learning to play as a band. When F.U.A. had just one song they immediatly performed it live without second thought. The audience really liked the way the band presented itself. Generally having a good time and doing crazy on stage with easy to remember sing-along songs. F.U.A then quickly started to grow as a small underground punk-rock band. The demo released in 2015, while in low quality, was immediately sold-out.

Armed with their own style F.U.A. took over the Dutch city of Purmerend as the go-to punk-rock band. With this newly gained popularity the band traveled all-over The Netherlands to perform on many venues, bars and festivals. Mitchell Verschoor joined the band at a later stage and started writing songs specifically for Daphne’s singing. It proved very succesfull after the song “Cheers” became a major turning point for the band. Daphne and Mitchell are mostly behind the lyrics of the songs. This means that alot of different views are taken into the music. F.U.A was also never shy about themselves and posted all kinds of videos online. Some were funny moments while others were low-quality videos of shows. They just wanted to share all the good times with the world.

Because of this online presence F.U.A. got approached by Italian music producer Corvi Wahoomy, from Realsound Studios and Carlo Bellotti, owner at record label Wormholedeath, in 2016. Bellotti asked the band for a newer demo. Agreeing to Bellotti’s request the band spend alot of time recording this demo, but the sound was still low quality. Still Bellotti saw alot of potential in F.U.A. as he fell in love with the energy and sound of the band, especially the song “Cheers”. He wanted the band to record a fully fledged album with Corvi at RealSound Studio in Langhirano, Italy. The band, again agreeing, started writing an entire year and finally entered the studio in January 2018. Working together with talented producers Coruzzi Christian and Corvi Wahoomy, the fruit of the band’s labors have payed off. The album, containing 14 songs, was exactly what everyone had envisioned. With many influences in all kinds of rock. It's a fast and heavy creation with an unique style unheard of in the world of punk. F.U.A. is planning to release this album on a worldwide scale on Septembr, 28th, 2018, via Wormholedeath.