Flying Colors premiere music video for new single “The Loss Inside”

Flying Colors video pic
Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group and Flying Colors have presented an official music video for “The Loss Inside” in front of the band’s upcoming global release of “Third Degree” on October 4th.

Singer Casey McPherson shares: “We all go through loss, and the grieving process often comes in waves, I love how musically and lyrically this song represents that process for me”.

“Third Degree” did not come effortlessly, nor too quickly. “It took time - but that’s the thing with Flying Colors”, drummer Mike Portnoy reflects. “It’s very hard to get the five of us in the same room at the same time. But once we do, it flows so easily”. The first sessions for “Third Degree” took place at Steve Morse’s studio in Florida in December 2016, where in seven songs were written. From there, the band members had to scatter back to their other personal and professional obligations, eventually reconvening two full years later in December 2018.

Portnoy agrees the future of Flying Colors looks quite bright indeed. “Our mission statement when we came together is still the same now”, he affirms. “It’s the same five guys with extremely different musical personalities and backgrounds coming together into a giant melting pot where it all comes out on the other end with music that’s accessible, melodic, deep, and colorful. That’s always been the goal of this band, and so far, I think we’re three for three”.

With “Third Degree”, Flying Colors continue to fire on all cylinders - and, in the process, they also handily prove the third time’s an unquestionable sonic charm.

“Third Degree” will be available as a CD Digipack, limited edition 2LP 180 gram blue vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (w/ download card), a 2LP 180 gram black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (w/ download card), and a limited edition box set featuring CD, 40 page photobook, two coasters, and a bonus disc with six tracks. Pre-order the album here.

1. The Loss Inside
2. More
3. Cadence
4. Guardian
5. Last Train Home
6. Geronimo
7. You Are Not Alone
8. Love Letter
9. Crawl

Bonus CD:
1. Waiting for the Sun (Bonus Track)
2. Geronimo (Alternate Instrumental Version)
3. You Are Not Alone (Alternate Instrumental Version)
4. Love Letter (Alternate Version)
5. Last Train Home (Alternate Instrumental Version)
6. Crawl (Alternate Instrumental Version)

Flying Colors have booked seven live dates on their calendar, mostly split evenly between the U.S. and Europe - in essence, to perform as many shows for their fans as they can possibly fit in between their many other band and touring commitments. “There’s an evolution happening within our sound on this record, and I’m excited to explore that onstage”, McPherson notes. “We’ve seen that evolution start with this record, and we’re going to see it happen even more so on the fourth record, in terms of capturing all our beautiful differences”. Get tickets here.

Live Shows 2019:
10/07   New York, NY  Sony Hall
10/11   Glenside, PA  Keswick Theater
10/17   St. Charles, IL  Arcada Theater
12/11   Pratteln, Switzerland  
12/12   Cologne, Germany  Essigfabrik
12/13   Tilburg, Netherlands 013
12/14   London, England  Shepherd’s Bush Empire