Eregion to release new studio album “Age of Heroes” on December 13th 2019

Eregion Age of Heroes cover
Italian power metal band Eregion has inked a worldwide deal with Rockshots Records for the release of their sophomore album “Age of Heroes”, coming out on December 13th, 2019.

“Age of Heroes” is a conceptual album about heroes and Gods of the ancient times. Ranging from power to folk metal, their music can be better described as a blending of classical heavy metal and power metal vibes in the style of Iron Maiden, Sabaton and Alestorm.

Inspired since long time by Tolkien’s opus, fantasy literature and Northern culture, “Age of Heroes” features the new band members Andrea Muscariello and Letiziamaria Gatti, respectively on the drums and violin/backing vocals.

The new album “Age of Heroes” is available for pre-order here.

01. Sacred Woods
02. Wings of Eagle
03. Jotunheim
04. The Stolen Hammer
05. Ascalon (Siege and Demise)
06. Hands of Aesir
07. Balder’s Bane
08. Hermod the Brave
09. I Hel
10. New Order
11. O-Hey O-Ho
Mauro Colbacchini - Vocals
Giorgio Colbacchini - Guitar & backing vocals
Gianluca “Odd” De Lotto - Guitar
Silvio Brusa - Bass & backing vocals
Andrea “Blackhawk” Muscarello - Drums
Letiziamaria Gatti - Violin & backing vocals