Endless Forms Most Gruesome release lyric video for new single “A Thousand Years in Hell”

Endless Forms Most Gruesome A Thousand Years in Hell cover
Endless Forms Most Gruesome is a musical project consisting of Juuso Raatikainen (Swallow The Sun) and Manne Ikonen (Ghost Brigade). General sound of the project can be described as muddy, sludgy and groovy. Lyrical themes are rooted to mental health issues and inner dialogues caused by them.
Second single, “A Thousand Years in Hell”, from their upcoming self titled album is now released and available on music services world wide. 
“The song is about blind love felt for the wrong person. Five minutes on earth can feel like thousand years in Hell”, Juuso Raatikainen comments.

Check out the lyric video for “A Thousand Years in Hell” below. Stream & download the new single on Spotify, Apple Music, AmazonDeezer and Tidal.

EFMG is a rather natural musical continuum to songwriter Raatikainen. The youth spent listening to Central Finland area bands like Ghost Brigade and Swallow the Sun, yet absorbing influences from American bands like Korn and Deftones manifests itself as groovy, low tuned riffs with an experimental touch. “I just felt, I was suppose to write an album like this. It's my tribute to bass register guitars and November vibes in Central Finland”, Raatikainen adds.

The self-titled debut album will be released on April 3rd, 2020 via Inverse Records.

Pre-order the album physically here and digitally here.

01. Black Hole
02. The Watchers
03. A Thousand Years in Hell
04. Death Wish
05. Goat
06. Viral Bloodlust
07. Incinerate Me
08. The Usual Catastrophe
09. Free Fall from Womb to Grave

Juuso Raatikainen - All instruments, music & lyrics
Manne Ikonen - Vocals